China–India Sessions Special Event Panel, CSC Annual conference

From 6 December, 2012 to 7 December, 2012

The Annual China Studies Centre Conference will be held 6-7 December and include  a special panel on China-India Engagement, chaired by Professor Colm Harmon and featuring Associate Professor Dilip Dutta and distinguished visiting academics Professor Nirmal Sengupta and Professor Dayuan Xue.

The special panel is in association with the South Asian Studies Group and takes place on 7th December in the main Quadrangle (S422).

Presentations include:

Associate Professor Dilip Dutta (University of Sydney): “A review of issues related to protection of traditional knowledge”

Professor Xue Dayuan (College of Life and Environmental Science, Minzu University of China): “Category, documentation and database for traditional knowledge in China–Their implication for intellectual property rights”

Professor Nirmal Sengupta (Formerly Professor at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, India): “Intellectual property rights on traditional knowledge– State of affairs in India”

For more information and the full program, visit:

Location: University of Sydney

Contact:Vanessa Holcombe
Phone: 61 2 9351 6071