Current PGR Students

This page contains useful information for currently enrolled Postgraduate Research Students in the School of Economics.

Information for future students, including helpful links to the application process, can be found here

Postgraduate Admin Manual

The following manual has been developed by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and covers all aspects associated with postgraduate research within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
* FASS Postgraduate Research Administration Manual

For students enrolled under the Business School, contact the Business School Research Unit

Resources for PGR students

PG ARC: The Postgraduate Arts Research Centres (PGARCs) provide physical resources and a stimulating research environment for research students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney.

CAPS - Counselling and Psychological Services:
CAPS run a number of very useful workshops throughout the semester, such as: Working with Your Thesis Supervisor; The Process of Getting a Journal Article Published; Writing a Thesis Proposal; & Oral Presentation & Discussion Skills. CAPS also has some self-help e-books grouped in three sections:"Study Issues", "Lifestyle Issues" and "Well-being Concerns".
Visit: Counselling and Psychological Services

Library Guides: