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Is the USyd PhD for you?

We encourage people with strong backgrounds in economics, psychology, mathematics, statistics and other social and physical sciences to apply.

Considering Applying for a PhD in Economics?

Studying at the University of Sydney offers students the opportunity to pursue their research interests while working with some of Australia's most respected economic thinkers. Rigorous training is provided in a range of economic and econometric fields that span both theoretical and applied fields. Students are encouraged to participate in the academic life of the School and engage with the broader academic community through seminars and international conferences.

With research strengths in a number of key areas, the School provides training and Doctoral supervision for topics in a wide range of specialisations.

Thinking of undertaking a PhD or Masters of Philosophy in Economics?
See what some of our recent graduates had to say about their time at the School of Economics.

photo of Alex Meenathethil Thomas

Alex Meenathethil Thomas, Azim Premji University
Alex’s decision to pursue a doctorate was motivated by his quest to learn how to conduct meticulous research and to navigate the horizons of scholarship in classical economics and the history of economic thought. These are just two areas of expertise in which the School's academic staff are internationally acclaimed. His expectations have been far exceeded. The supervisory arrangement deserves mention in particular, along with the wonderful support received throughout his candidature from all relevant office bearers. Moreover, there was ample research support for presenting at international conferences as well as in contributing to the tutorial architecture of the School.

Alex is now a Senior Lecturer with the School of Liberal Studies, Azim Premji University.

Danielle Merrett, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Sydney Business School

Danielle Merrett, The University of Sydney Business School
Undertaking a PhD in Economics is an extraordinary experience and if you are ever lucky enough to get the opportunity to do one I would highly recommend it. I enjoyed the intensity of thought, ideas and intellectual freedom that being a PhD student affords. The people are what really makes a PhD and I’ve been blessed to have met some amazing people and made some lifelong friends during my time as research student.

Danielle is now a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sydney Business School.

Peyman Khezr, former student, now postdoctorate research fellow at the University of Queensland

Peyman Khezr, The University of Queensland
PhD in Economics at the University of Sydney was a fantastic opportunity for me to develop many personal and professional skills. The School of Economics provided wonderful administrative and academic support to students with its nice and kind staff. I’ve learnt a lot from the world-class academic staff at this school and had several chances to meet top academics from all over the world.

Peyman is now a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of Economics, University of Queensland.

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