Current Research Students

First Name Last Name Thesis Topic/Title Supervisors
Michael Allan   Tim Fisher
Syed M. Atif Bukhari Network Analysis Approach to the Growth Diagnostics: A Case Study of Pakistan Dilip Dutta
Ilmiawan Auwalin Essays in Development Economics Shyamal Chowdhury,Russell Toth
Guglielmo Briscese Essays in Public Economics Robert Slonim
Andy Chung Economic Impacts of Inward Foreign Direct Investment David Kim, Stephen Whelan
Hayden Dimes Cost-cutting under demand and input uncertainty Abhijit Sengupta
Fajar Hirawan  The Role of Investment, Logistics Services Sector and Trade in Promoting Food Security in Indonesia: A Structuration and Institutional Analysis Dilip Dutta, Stephen Whelan
Christopher Hoy Perceptions of Changes in Inequality Russell Toth, Benjamin Goldsmith
Xiangyi Kong A Study on the Rationale of Using Secret Reserve Prices in Auctions Abhijit Sengputa, Andrew Wait
Julian Cho Kin Kuan A Model of the Australian Senatorial Electoral System Abhijit Sengputa
Felix Leung The Causal Effects of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills on Education Stefanie Schurer
Ang Li Housing Price and Fertility Behavior: Evidence from Australia Stephen Whelan, Russell Ross
Barend Adriaan Mocke An Evaluation of Business Surveys as Leading Indicators of Trends in the Australian Economy Stephen Whelan
Khanh Thi Quoc Phan Mergers and Acquisitions Don Wright, Andrew Wait
Ilya Serov Debt Deflation, Housing Markets and Mortgage Contract Design: An Empirical Examination Tony Aspromourgos
Lei Shi Evaluating Potential Benefits of China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) to Australian Dairy Industry Mark Melatos
Ning Xu Stochastic Model on Risk Measuring in Asset Market Timothy Fisher, Jian Hong
Chun Yi Market Structure, Product Diversity and Social Welfare – A Case Study in Chinese Movie Industry Nicholas de Roos, Stephen Whelan
Bastian Muzbar Zams Optimal Monetary Policy Under Model Uncertainty in Indonesia: How Optimal Policy should be Conducted if the Policy Maker is Uncertain About the Economic Environment (Especially after the Global Financial Crisis)? David Kim, Denny Lie
Yufan Zhang The Role of Cognitive Skills in the Australian Labour Market Garry Barrett, Stephen Whelan
Xin Zheng Shocks, Business Cycles and the Stock Market in the framework of Bayesian DSGE-VAR Model Dilip Dutta, Stephen Whelan, Simon Kwok