Current Research Students

First Name Last Name Thesis Topic/Title Supervisors
Michael Allan   Tim Fisher
Syed M. Atif Bukhari Network Analysis Approach to the Growth Diagnostics: A Case Study of Pakistan Dilip Dutta
Ilmiawan Auwalin   Shyamal Chowdhury
Guglielmo Briscese Essays in Public Economics Robert Slonim, Agnieszka Tymula
Ann-Marie Childs   Diane Hutchinson, Stephen Whelan
Andy Chung Effects of Foreign Investment David Kim
James Endres The economic impacts of broadband in Australia Dilip Dutta
Kithsiri Ehelepola Monetary fiscal interaction and optimal monetary policy Aarti Singh, Denny Lie
Nicholas Fearnley   Dilip Dutta
Fajar Hirawan   Dilip Dutta, Stephen Whelan
Felix Leung Stefanie Schurer
Ang Li Housing Price and Fertility Behavior: Evidence from Australia Stephen Whelan, Russell Ross
Alex Meenathethil Thomas Consumption and Economic Growth: A Classical Approach Tony Aspromourgos, Graham White, Matthew Smith
Ooi Evarn   Shyamal Chowdhury, Pablo Guillen
Ozden Emrullah   Paolo Santos, Timothy Capon
Khanh Thi Quoc Phan   Don Wright, Andrew Wait
Shahid Razzaque   Kunal Sengupta
Ilya Serov Debt Deflation, Housing Markets and Mortgage Contract Design: An Empirical Examination Tony Aspromourgos
Serena Yu Retirement well-being in Australia Garry Barrett, Stephen Whelan
Bastian Muzbar Zams   David Kim, Denny Lie
Xin Zheng Productivity, Financial Volatility and Technological Change: A Bayesian DSGE Model of Endogenous Growth Dilip Dutta, Stephen Whelan
Xu Ning   Timothy Fisher, Jian Hong