Reading group in Agricultural, Environmental and Resource Economics (AERE)


Welcome to the webpage of the Reading Group in AERE!

The main aim of the reading group is to create a collaborative environment for exchange of research ideas, presentation of early research work and research funding proposals among staff and research students with interest in AERE.
The group also aims to facilitate the establishment of new collaborations, and to foster existing research collaborations across disciplines with interest in these areas within the University of Sydney. The group also links with researchers that have interest in AERE across several Universities based in Sydney.

The reading group is meeting fortnightly during semester sessions, and at other times when the need or opportunity arises. The usual time and place for meetings is 1-2 pm on Wednesdays in room 397 Merewether Building, University of Sydney.

To register for the group’s mailing list or to suggest a presentation please get in touch with Tiho Ancev or David Ubilava.






15 Feb 2017

Ford Ramsey, NC State University

How High the Hedge?: Relationships between Prices and Yields in the Federal Crop Insurance Program

5 Apr 2017 Tiho Ancev Security Bond for Coal Seam Gas Development: An Economics Experimental Study
1 Jun 2017 David Ubilava  The ENSO Effect of International Aid: Assessing Links Through Economic Growth and Beyond
30 Aug 2017 Zsuzsanna Csereklyei Technology Choices in the U.S. Electricity Industry before and after Market Restructuring
13 Sept 2017 Tatiana Filatova Resilient societies in face of climate change: damage, adaptation and individual decision-making
27 Sept 2017 Vincent Hoang Eco-efficiency analysis of sustainability-certified coffee production in Vietnam
11 Oct 2017 Mara Thiene A Monte Carlo evaluation of the Logit-Mixed logit under asymmetry and multimodality
15 Nov 17 Atakelty Hailu TBA




25 May 2016

Tiho Ancev

Inaugural meeting of the Group

15 June 2016 Liangxu Zhu, University of Sydney The effect of carbon emissions pricing on stock prices of energy companies
29 June 2016 Kurt Schwabe, University of California, Riverside Price and Non-price Approaches for Reducing Residential Water Demand: A Tale of Two Water Districts
21 September 2016 Jan Orlowski The Predictive Content of ENSO and Application of Forecasts for US Wheat and Soybean Production
05 October 2016 Maryam Abdolrahimi The Effect of El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) on World Cereal Production
14 October 2016 Steven Poelhekke Mining Matters: Natural Resource Extraction and Local Business Constraints
19 October 2016 Russell Toth Don’t Follow the Crowd: Incentives for Directed Spatial Sampling
26 October 2016 Sam Wills Natural Assets: Surfing a wave of economic growth