6th Annual Organizational Economics Workshop

20 July, 2012

aerial view front of Stuart Anderson building

Organizations play a critical role in any economy, undertaking numerous activities from production, to solving problems and generating new ideas and innovations. This workshop will examine a broad range of economic issues relating to organizations, including: incentive contracts with external and internal parties and managerial remuneration; the organization of production, the use of labour and wage structures; the design of hierarchies; the allocation of decision making protocols within organizations; and the optimal allocation of ownership and alternative ownership structures.

Keynote Speakers

Photograph of Valerie Smeets from Aarhus School of Business

Valérie Smeets, Aarhus School of Business, Denmark

Photograph of Frederic Warzynski from Aarhus School of Business

Frederic Warzynski, Aarhus School of Business, Denmark

Photograph of Tom Wilkening from the University of Melbourne

Tom Wilkening, University of Melbourne


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Review Process for contributors - E1 STATEMENT
All contributed papers in their entirety (i.e. not merely an abstract or extract) will be peer reviewed for their significance, innovation, and quality by independent qualified experts. The Organizational Economics workshops, held annually at the University of Sydney, are of national and international significance and involve experts from within Australia and abroad.