Research Expertise

First Name Last Name Position Specialisation
- Major Field (JEL)
Specialisation - Specific Fields
Murali Agastya Associate Professor Microeconomics, Mathematical and Quantitative Methods Game theory and bargaining theory, auctions & mechanism design,
information, knowledge, and uncertainty
Tihomir Ancev Associate Professor Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Economics of air and water pollution; Energy Economics; Environmental and Resource Policy; Water economics
Anthony Aspromourgos Professor History of Economic Thought Classical economics, long-period theory, monetary economics, central banking




Atalay Lecturer Labour Economics, Public Economics Consumption and Savings, Household Finances
Garry Barrett Professor Labour Economics, Public Economics Human capital, Wages and employment, Inequality and poverty
Oleksii Birulin Senior Lecturer Microeconomics Auction theory, mechanism design, organizational behaviour
Debajyoti Chakrabarty Lecturer Macroeconomics Economic growth, international finance, macroeconomic policy
Stephen Cheung Lecturer Microeconomics Experimental economics, behavioural finance, economic education, labour economics
Nicolas de Roos Senior Lecturer Industrial Organization Monopolization, horizontal anticompetitive practices, production, pricing & market structure, size distribution of firms, stochastic & dynamic games, decision-making under risk and uncertainty
Dilip Dutta Associate Professor Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth Development under dualism, socio-economic effects of information & communication technology, endogenouus growth, service sector & development
Rebecca Edwards Lecturer Labor and demographic economics, Welfare and Poverty Fertility, Economics of Gender, Non-wage benefits, Labour demand and human capital, Economics of the Elderly, Measurement and analysis of poverty
Yunjong Eo Lecturer Macroeconomics Business cycles, monetary policy, applied econometrics
Hayley Fisher




Labour and Demographic Economics

Household economics,
Family structure and Public policy

Tim Fisher Associate Professor Law and Economics Bankruptcy and financial reorganization, applied microeconomics, public policy
Pablo Guillen Senior Lecturer Microeconomics; Mathematical and Quantitative Methods Experimental Economics
Colm Harmon Professor of Economics and Head of School Applied Economics,
Economics Of Education,
Labour Economics,
Econometric And Statistical Methods
Jian Hong Lecturer Industrial Organization; Mathematical and Quantitative Methods Empirical industrial organization, applied microeconomics, econometrics
Stella Huangfu Senior Lecturer Macroeconomics Monetary search theory, banking theory, labour search theory
David Kim Senior Lecturer Macroeconomics Business cycles, financial markets, FDI
Simon Kwok Lecturer Mathematical and Quantitative Methods, Financial Economics Financial Econometrics, Time Series Models, Financial Crises, Bankruptcy, International Financial Markets
Denny Lie Lecturer Macroeconomics Monetary Economics, Monetary Policy, International Finance
Jordi McKenzie Lecturer Microeconomics Cultural economics, applied microeconomics, prediction markets
Mark Melatos Senior Lecturer International Economics International trade




Newton Lecturer

Microeconomics, Mathematical and Quantitative Methods

Game theory and bargaining theory, analysis of collective decision making
Adrian Pagan Professor Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics, Mathematical and Quantitative Methods General Aggregative Models, Macroeconomics: Consumption, Saving, Production, Employment, and Investment, Monetary Policy, Central Banking, and the Supply of Money and Credit, Multiple or Simultaneous Equation Models; Multiple Variables.
Suraj Prasad Lecturer Microeconomics and Industrial Organization Economics of Contract, Firm Organization and Market Structure
John Romalis Professor Trade Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Finance
Russell Ross Associate Professor Labour and Demographic Economics Labour market disadvantage, public policy, human resources economics
Kevin Schnepel Lecturer Illegal Behavior and the Enforcement of Law, Labor Economics Policies Demographic Economics: Public Policy, Mobility, Unemployment, and Vacancies: General, Health and Inequality, Welfare and Poverty: General
Stefanie Schurer Senior Lecturer Health Production Human Capital; Skills; Occupational Choice; Labor Productivity; Models with Panel Data; Longitudinal Data; Spatial Time Series
Abhijit Sengupta Senior Lecturer Microeconomics Game theory and applications
Kunal Sengupta Professor Microeconomics, Mathematical and Quantitative Methods Game theory and bargaining theory
Aarti Singh Senior Lecturer Macroeconomics Business cycles and monetary policy
Robert Slonim Professor Microeconomics Experimental economics, behavioural economics
Vladimir Smirnov Senior Lecturer Industrial Organization Industrial Organization
Matthew Smith Lecturer History of Economic Thought, Methodology, Heterodox Approaches Monetary economics, distribution and growth theory
Katrien Stevens Lecturer Labour and Demographic Economics Labour and family economics, applied microeconomics, public and social policy
Rami Tabri Lecturer Econometric and Statistical Methods and Methodology Hypothesis Testing, Estimation, Semiparametric and Nonparametric Methods, Statistical Simulation Methods




Toth Lecturer Microeconomics; Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth Microeconomics of development, economics of entrepreneurship
Agnieszka Tymula Lecturer Microeconomics; Mathematical and Quantitative Methods Behavioral economics, Neuroeconomics, Experimental economics
David Ubilava Lecturer Econometric Modeling, Environmental Economics Time-Series Models, Non-Linear Econometrics, Forecasting and Prediction Methods, Climate Anomalies
Andrew Wait Senior Lecturer Industrial Organisation Firm objectives, organisations, and behaviour
Stephen Whelan Senior Lecturer Labour and Demographic Economics Labour and family economics, applied microeconomics, public and social policy, health economics
Graham White Senior Lecturer Heterodox Approaches; Macroeconomics Sraffian economics, Growth theory, Economic Dynamics
Don Wright Associate Professor Health Economics Health economics