The School of Economics at the University of Sydney is one of the strongest groupings of theoretical economists in Australia, influential in developing the economic ideas which form the intellectual foundation of the discipline.

The Economics grouping within the University of Sydney undertakes world class research in economic theory, applied economics, economic policy, and the history of economic thought. This breadth is one of the group's strengths.

Particular areas of research expertise include: game theory, empirical and theoretical industrial organisation, international trade, economic growth and inequality, exchange rate intervention, empirical labour economics, economic development in China and India, and health and housing policy. Moreover, the School has embraced the interface between business and economics, especially in the areas of strategic management and decision making where our expertise in game theory and industrial organisation come to the fore. The School of Economics is keenly aware of its responsibilities with respect to training the next generation of economics researchers. Our staff enthusiastically embrace every opportunity to share their research experience with students. This is especially so in our elite undergraduate honours program and our postgraduate Master of Economics and PhD programs. Graduates of these programs are highly sought after by leading private and public sector employers including banks, consultancy firms, government agencies, and universities.

A further benefit of the research profile of the Economics grouping is the calibre of international visitors (including recently, a number of Nobel Prize winners) whom we have hosted for short and long term stays. The School takes great pride in its active research seminar and visitor programs and view these as further evidence of the School's commitment to high quality research. In 2005 the School established a University of Sydney Economics and Econometrics Honours alumni forum, linking the Faculty with an influential network of professional economists in significant positions throughout the world - and establishing a dialogue of great interest and professional benefit to both the Faculty and our alumni.