International Journal of Development Issues

International Journal of Development Issues

Editor: Associate Professor Dilip Dutta
ISSN: 1446-8956
Publisher: Emerald Group Publishing Limited

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    For the IJDI's publication since 2007, please refer to IJDI's website .

    Aims and scope of the IJDI

    The International Journal of Development Issues is a peer-reviewed journal. The main objective of the IJDI is to publish research output on all important development issues with a focus on development dynamism and a bias for inter-disciplinary approach. In particular, Economics, Politics, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Ecology, Social Work, Commerce, Information Technology, Law and allied disciplines would receive special priorities.

    The IJDI welcomes publication of papers that are empirically oriented, but with solid methodological foundation based on realism and pragmatism rather than on idealism. It encourages critical analysis of development issues not only from the heterodox viewpoints (such as new- and post-structuralist, neo- and new-institutionalist, etc.), but also from the neo-liberalist viewpoint in orthodox tradition. The IJDI is intended for being an international forum of exchanging viewpoints of a wide variety of perspectives and disciplines. It is expected that the IJDI would be a genuine guideline for socially appropriate policy prescriptions made by the development practitioners and policy makers in both developing and emerging market economies of Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.