2008 Seminars

6 February

Tomas Sjostrom, Rutgers University

Domestic Political Survival and International Conflict: Is Democracy Good for Peace?

6 March

Michael Baker, University of Toronto and NBER

Evidence from maternity leave expansions of the impact of maternal care on early child development.

13 March

James Markusen, University of Colorado

Large Firms, Foreign Firms and Domestic Wages

20 March

Heski Bar-Isaac, New York University (Stern)

Information Gathering and Marketing

25 March

Richard Dutu, University of Waikato

Liquidity Constrained Competing Auctions

3 April

Francesca Cornaglia, Queen Mary, University of London

Public Policy and Passive Smoking

10 April

Bob Schoeni, University of Michigan

The influence of early-life events on human capital, health status, and labor market outcomes over the life course.

15 April

Maros Servatka, University of Canterbury New Zealand

Trust Signaling

17 April

John Romalis, University of Chicago

Inequality and Prices: Does China Benefit the Poor in America?

1 May

Leah Brooks, McGill University

Individual Choices for the Public Good: Voting for and Benefiting from Business Improvement Districts

8 May

Hadi Yektas, University of Melbourne

Optimal Multi-Object Auctions with Risk Averse Buyers

22 May

Shiko Maruyama, University of NSW

Measuring the Welfare Effect of Entry in Differentiated Product Markets: The Case of Medicare HMOs

29 May

Elizabeth Savage, UTS Sydney

Advantageous Selection in Private Health Insurance: The Case of Australia

12 June

Shankha Chakraborty, University of Oregon

Diseases and Development: A Theory of Infection Dynamics & Economic Behavior

19 June

llke Onur, TOBB Economics & Technology University, Turkey

Preemption and Delay in EBay Auctions

24 June

Sergei Guriev, NES Russia

Duration and Term Structure of Trade Agreements

10 July

Alexander Matros, University of Pittsburg

Chinese Auctions

14 July

Enrique Fatas, University of Valencia

Cooperation and Status in Organizations

17 July

Alan Spearot, University of California, Santa Cruz

Acquisitions, productivity and liberalization

22 July

Simon Gaechter, University of Nottingham

'Kinked Conformism? in Voluntary Cooperation

28 July

Albert Ma, Boston University

Public Sector Rationing and Private Sector Selection

7 August

Agustin Perez-Barahona, University of Paris 1

Non-renewable energy resources as input for physical capital accumulation: A new approach

14 August

Mikal Skuterud, University of Waterloo

Immigrant Wage Assimilation: The Role of Model Specification, Measurement Error, and Unobserved Heterogeneity in Estimation

21 August

Charles Noussair, Tilburg University

Three pricing asymmetries in experimental asset markets

11 September

Ben Greiner, University of New South Wales

Engineering Trust: Reciprocity and Strategic Behavior in the Production of Reputation Information

18 September

Michael Keane, University of Technology Sydney

Child Care Choices and Children's Cognitive Achievement: The Case of Single Mothers

25 September

Jaime Alonso, Universidade de Vigo

Can consumption spillovers be a source of equilibrium indeterminancy?

16 October

Anna Gunnthorsdottir, University of New South Wales

Near-Efficient Equilibria in Collaborative Meritocracies

23 October

Ralph Bayer, University of Adelaide

Tax Compliance and Firms' Strategic Interdependence

28 October

Gigi Foster, University of South Australia

The educational consequences of selection: New quasi-experimental evidence for heterogeneous undergraduate students NB: this seminar is scheduled for a Tuesday, not the usual Thursday.

6 November

Simon Loertscher, University of Melbourne

Fee setting intermediaries: on real estate agents, stock brokers and auction houses

11 November

Philip Inyeob Ji, Monash University

An Empirical Analysis of the Mean-Reversion Property of Real Interest Rates

18 November

Gaetano Antinolfi, Washington University