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A full list of all Economics Working Papers from 1975-present are published on the University of Sydney eScholarship Repository.

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Monetary Policy and the Financial Sector

Singh, Aarti & Stone, Sophie & Suda, Jacek

Soft Budget Constraints in Public Hospitals

Wright, Donald J.

Empirical Likelihood for Robust Poverty Comparisons

Tabri, Rami Victor

Eliciting utility curvature and time preference

Cheung, Stephen L.

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Comment on Homo Moralis: when assortativity evolves

Newton, Jonathan

Assessing the Monotonicity Assumption in IV and fuzzy RD designs

Fiorini, Mario & Stevens, Katrien

Ricardo the ‘Logician’ versus Tooke the ‘Empiricist’: on their different vital contributions to classical economics

Smith, Matthew

Connecting the Markets? Recent Evidence on China's Capital Account Liberalization

Chan, Mark  K. & Kwok, Simon

Good Jobs and Recidivism

Schnepel, Kevin

Straightforward approximate stochastic equilibria for nonlinear Rational Expectations models

Johnston, Michael K. & King, Robert G. & Lie, Denny

Capital Account Liberalization and Dynamic Price Discovery: Evidence from Chinese Cross-Listed Stocks

Chan, Mark K. & Kwok, Simon

Sequential lending with dynamic joint liability in micro-finance

Chowdhury, Shyamal & Chowdhury, Prabal Roy & Sengupta, Kunal

International Wheat Price Responses to ENSO Shocks: Modelling Transmissions Using Smooth Transitions

Ubilava, David

Stochastic Stability in Assignment Problems

Klaus, Bettina & Newton, Jonathan

Improving Likelihood-Ratio-Based Confidence Intervals for Threshold Parameters in Finite Samples

Donayre, Luiggi & Eo, Yunjong & Morley, James

Effects Of Stress On Economic Decision-Making: Evidence From Laboratory Experiments

Delaney, Liam & Fink, Günther & Harmon, Colm

A classification of bargaining solutions by evolutionary origin

Hwang, Sung-Ha & Newton, Jonathan

Monkey see, monkey do: truth-telling in matching algorithms and the manipulation of others

Guillén, Pablo & Hakimov, Rustamdjan

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Trade and the Global Recession

Eaton, Jonathan & Kortum, Sam & Neiman, Brent & Romalis, John

Flexible valuations for consumer goods as measured by the Becker-DeGroot-Marschak mechanism

Glimcher, Paul & Tymula, Agnieszka & Woelbert, Eva

A new solution for the moral hazard problem in team production

Hwang, Sung-Ha & Newton, Jonathan

Competitive Screening of a Heterogeneous Labor Force and Corporate Teamwork Attitude

Tymula, Agnieszka

Between the Sword and the Wall: Spain's Limited Options for Catalan Secessionism

Griffiths, Ryan D. & Guillen, Pablo & Martinez i Coma, Ferran

Innovation in a generalized timing game

Smirnov, Vladimir & Wait, Andrew

On the Elicitation of Time Preference under Conditions of Risk

Cheung, Stephen L.

File-Sharing and Film Revenues: An Empirical Analysis

McKenzie, Jordi & Walls, W. D.

Endogenous time preference: evidence from Australian households' behaviour

Dutta, Dilip & Yang, Yibai

Savings and Prize-Linked Savings Accounts

Atalay, Kadir., Bakhtiar, Fayzan., Cheung, Stephen L. & Slonim, Robert

Lying through Their Teeth: Third Party Advice and Truth Telling in a Strategy Proof Mechanism

Guillén, Pablo & Hing, Alexander

The Price of Luck

Bou, Silvia & Brandts, Jordi & Cayón, Magda & Guillén, Pablo

A one-shot deviation principle for stability in matching problems

Newton, Jonathan & Sawa, Ryoji

Specification Tests of Calibrated Option Pricing Models

Jarrow, Robert & Kwok, Simon.

The Impact of Resale on Entry in Second Price Auctions

Che, XiaoGang., Lee, Peter & Yang, Yibai

Is Monotonicity in an IV and RD design testable? No, but you can still check it

Edwards, Ben.,  Fiorini, Mario., Stevens, Katrien & Taylor, Matthew

The Relationship Between Delegation  and Incentives Across Occupations: Evidence and Theory

Prasad, Suraj & DeVaro, Jed

Housing Wealth and Household Consumption: New Evidence from Australia and Canada

Atalay, Kadir., Whelan, Stephen & Yates, Judith
The Decline of the Self-Employment Rate in Australia Atalay, Kadir., Kim, Woo-Yung  & Whelan, Stephen
Coalitions, tipping points and the speed of evolution Newton, Jonathan

Cheap talk and editorial control

Newton, Jonathan

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Just a piece of paper? The effect of marriage on health

Fisher, Hayley

Stochastic stability on general state spaces

Newton, Jonathan

The New Keynesian view of aggregate demand: some reflections from a Sraffian standpoint

White, Graham

On Broadway and strip malls: how to make a winning team

Bel, Roland., Smirnov, Vladimir & Wait, Andrew

League Table Incentives and Price Bubbles in Experimental Asset Markets

Cheung, Stephen L. & Coleman, Andrew

An Equilibrium Model of General Practitioner Payment Schemes

Wright, Donald J.
Camouflaged Trade Agreements Appelbaum, Elie & Melatos, Mark
To See Is To Believe: Common Expectations in Experimental Asset Markets Cheung, Stephen L., Hedegaard, Morten & Palan, Stefan
Estimation of Public Goods Game Data Merrett, Danielle
How Does Uncertainty Affect the Choice of Trade Agreements? Appelbaum, Elie & Melatos, Mark

Calderbank v Calderbank: Cost-shifting in an Australian and British Context

Nguyen, Bonnie

Bayesian Inference about the Types of Structural Breaks When There are Many Breaks

Eo, Yunjong

Markov-Switching Models with Evolving Regime-Specific Parameters: Are Post-War Booms or Recessions All Alike?

Kim, Chang-jin & Eo, Yunjong

The discreet charm of the collective contract

Chong, Sophia & Guillen, Pablo

Social Comparison, Aspirations and Priming: When Fiction is as Powerful as Fact

Guillen, Pablo & Wu, Kevin

New Insights into Conditional Cooperation and Punishment from a Strategy Method Experiment

Cheung, Stephen L.

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Limitations of Network Games - a brief discussion

Newton, Jonathan

Ownership, access and sequential investment

Mai, Maxim & Smirnov, Vladimir & Wait, Andrew

Likelihood-Based Confidence Sets for the Timing of Structural Breaks

 Eo, Yunjong & Morley, James

A Response to Cogley and Sbordone's Comment on "Closed-Form Estimates of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve with Time-Varying Trend Inflation"

Gumbau-Brisa, Fabià & Lie, Denny & Olivei, Giovanni P.

Estimation of Forward-Looking Relationships in Closed Form: An Application to the New Keynesian Phillips Curve

Barnes, Michelle L. & Gumbau-Brisa, Fabià & Lie, Denny & Olivei, Giovanni P.

Medical Malpractice and Physician Liability Under a Negligence Rule

Wright, Donald J.

Degrees Of Competition, The Rate Of Return And Growth From A Classical/Sraffian Perspective

White, Graham

Two heads are less bubbly than one: Team decision-making in an experimental asset market

Cheung, Stephen L. & Palan, Stefan

Demand-Led Growth Theory: An Historical Approach

Smith, Matthew

Modelling asset correlations: A nonparametric approach

Aslanidis, Nektarios & Casas, Isabel

Marriage penalties, marriage, and cohabitation

Fisher, Hayley

A Swarm of Innovators: Information, Leadership and Innovation

Bel, Roland & Smirnov, Vladimir & Wait, Andrew

Treasure game

Matros, Alexander & Smirnov, Vladimir

The Career Costs of Children

Adda, Jérôme & Dustmann, Christian & Stevens, Katrien

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Matching Markets with Mixed Ownership: The Case for A Real-life Assignment Mechanism

Guillen, Pablo & Kesten, Onur

When Second Opinions Hurt: A Model of Expert Advice under Career Conce rns

 Liu, Yaozhou Franklin & Sanyal, Amal

Internet Auctions with a Temporary Buyout Option

Che, XiaoGang

Demand-Led Growth In A Multi-Commodity Model With Learning: Some Preliminary Results

 White, Graham

Will There Be Blood? Incentives And Substitution Effects In Pro-Social Behavior

Lacetera, Nicola & Macis, Mario & Slonim, Robert

Is There Selection Bias in Laboratory Experiments?

Cleave, Blair L. & Nikiforakis, Nikos & Slonim, Robert

Involuntary Retirement and the Resolution of the Retirement-Consumption Puzzle: Evidence from Australia


 Barrett, Garry F. & Brzozowski, Matthew

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Inventory Mistakes and the Great Moderation

Morley, James & Singh, Aarti

Learning and the Great Moderation

Bullard, James & Singh, Aarti

Garnaut - The Economic Underpinnings

White, Graham

Competition, "welfare" and macroeconomics- a classical/Sraffian perspe ctive

White, Graham

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On-Campus Housing: Theory vs. Experiment

Guillen, Pablo & Kesten, Onur

Demand-led growth with debt constraints

White, Graham

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Demand for Microcredit by Indonesian women

 Johar, Meliyanni & Rammohan, Anu

Competition, Learning and Persistence in the Effects of Unmeritocratic Hiring Decisions

Cooper, Peter

Why do the Rich Save More? A Theory and Australian Evidence

Chakrabarty, Debajyoti & Katayama, Hajime & Maslen, Hanna

Access, Veto and Ownership in the Theory of the Firm

Bel, Roland

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Growth, Autonomous Demand and a Joint-Product Treatment of Fixed Capit al

White, Graham

Trade Liberalisation and Economic Growth in Turkey: An Empirical Model of Endogenous Growth Analysis

Cihan, Cengiz & Dutta, Dilip

Consumption Risk-sharing within Australia and with New Zealand


Kim, David & Sheen, Jeffrey

Prices and Poverty in Urban Ethiopia

Gebremedhin, Tesfaye & Whelan, Stephen

Possibilities of Trade Expansion among the SAARC Countries: Evidence from the Macro-Economic and Regional Trade Link Models

Rahman, Mohammad M

The Determinants of Bangladesh's Trade: Evidence from the Generalized Gravity Model

Rahman, Mohammad Mafizur

Asymmetric Monetary Policy in Australia

 Leu, Shawn Chen-Yu & Sheen, Jeffrey

Bangladesh-India Bilateral Trade: Causes of Imbalance and Measures for Improvement

Rahman, Mohammad Mafizur

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