Diane Hutchinson

Senior Lecturer

Diane Hutchinson




+61 2 9351 4088


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
H04 - Merewether
The University of Sydney
NSW 2006 Australia

Diane Hutchinson has been with the Faculty since 1989, prior to which she held an appointment at the University of Melbourne.

Her research interests are the growth and management of big business, and technology transfer. She has mainly focused on Australian firms although she has also done some research on the technology acquisition practices of large British firms.

Dr Hutchinson has published articles in a number of journals including a recent article in Business History on the evolution of an Australian firm, Boral. In addition to case studies of single firms, she has done broader research on business and technology, including an article on Australian corporate entrepreneurship for the Australian Economic History Review. She has also written a number of joint articles with Stephen Nicholas analysing technology transfer to Australia by a large sample of firms in the 1990s, as part of a project funded by an ARC grant.

Research Expertise

  • Industrial Organization and International Trade

Research Interests

  • Firm structure
  • Growth and measurement of big business
  • Technology transfer



Conference Paper/s

Hutchinson D 2007 'Australian Equity Markets, Asymmetric Information and IPO Investors in 1920s, Asia-Pacific Economic and Business History Conference, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 1st January 2007-31st December 2007

Conference Proceeding/s

Hutchinson D]] 2007 'Investing in an Unregulated Equity Market: A Tale of Two IPOs', [[5th Accounting History International Conference, Banff, Canada, 11th August 2007


Conference Paper/s

Hutchinson D and Lee P 2006 'The Equity Market and Industry Development: New Companies on the SSX, 1920-50, Asia-Pacific Economic and Business History Conference, Brisbane QLD, Australia, 1st January 2006-31st December 2006

Boyce G, Hutchinson D and Lee P 2006 'Financing New, High Growth Industries; a comparative study of supporting networks in Australia, Asia-Pacific Economic and Business History Conference, Brisbane QLD, Australia, 1st January 2006-31st December 2006

Conference Proceeding/s

Freeman M, Hutchinson D, Treleaven L and Sykes CStanley 2006 'Iterative learning: self and peer assessment of group work', ASCILITE Conference, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 6th December 2006 Link

Freeman M, Hutchinson D and Treleaven L 2006 'The role of formative feedback in improving group work outcomes', Uniserve Science 2006-Assessment in Science Teaching and Learning Symposium, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 28th September 2006


Conference Proceeding/s

Hutchinson D 2005 'Licensing and Technology Markets: the case of contact acid', ANZIBA Conference, Melbourne, VIC, Australia, 11th November 2005 Link

Hutchinson D and Lee P 2005 'Disclosure, Imperfect Information and the Development of an Equity Market', Fourth Accounting History Conference, Braga, Portugal, 9th September 2005


Book Section/s

Hutchinson D 2003 'Brunner Family' in Oxford Encyclopedia of Economic History, ed. Joel Mokyr, OUP


Conference Proceeding/s

Hutchinson D 2002 'Imperfections in Technology Markets : The Case of Contact Acid', Corporate Leadership in Australia Conference, University of Wollongong, Australia, 6th September 2002


Journal Article/s

Hutchinson D 2001 'Australian manufacturing business: Entrepreneurship or missed opportunities?', Australian Economic History Review, vol.41:2, pp. 103-134


Journal Article/s

Hutchinson D 2000 'The transformation of Boral: From dependent specialist bitumen refiner to major building products manufacturer', Business History, vol.42:3, pp. 109-132



Hutchinson D 1994 'Japanese multinationals in Australian manufacturing : facts and perceptions of foreign direct investment and technology transfer',


Book Section/s

Hutchinson D 1992 'Technology Transfer and the Strategy of Internationalization by Australian Manufacturing in the 1980s' in Multinational enterprises in the world economy: Essays in honour of John Dunning, Elgar and Ashgate, Aldershot and Brookfield, United Kingdom, pp. 96-114