Research Students

First Name Last Name Thesis Topic/Title Supervisor
Paul Barnsley Issues in Subjective Wellbeing Abhijit Sengupta
Xiao Gang Che Essays on Auction Theory Kunal Sengupta
James Endres The economic impacts of broadband in Australia Dilip Dutta
Nicholas Fearnley   Dilip Dutta
Ta Ly I Study of fundamental fluctuation effects to asset market around financial liberalization; in case of Korean economy David Kim
Jiadan Jiang The Transmission Mechanism and the Efficacy of China's Monetary Policy, 1984-2007 Tony Aspromourgos, David Kim
Peyman Khezr TBA Abhijit Sengupta
Peter Lee The Role of Child Care Costs in Female Labour Supply Russell Ross, Stephen Whelan
Franklin (Yao Zhou Franklin) Liu Essays on conflicts and political economy Kunal Sengupta, Rohan Pitchford
Xinyi Ma The Impact of Random Breath Testing on Traffic Fatalities in Australia: A Panel Data Analysis Russell Ross, Jian Hong
Alex Meenathethil Thomas Consumption and Economic Growth: A Classical Approach Tony Aspromourgos, Graham White, Matthew Smith
Danielle Merrett Experimental Economics Pablo Guillen, Robert Slonim
Bradley Miller TBA Dilip Dutta,Pablo Guillen,
Tuan Kiet Nguyen Technical, Allocative and Scale Efficiencies of Shrimp Farms in Mekong Delta, Vietnam Tim Fisher, Pablo Guillen
Isaac Poole   Abhijit Sengupta,Vladimir Smirnov
Shahid Razzaque   Kunal Sengupta  
Ilya Serov Debt Deflation, Housing Markets and Mortgage Contract Design: An Empirical Examination Tony Aspromourgos
Yi Bai Yang Modelling of Time Preference Determination and Distance to Frontier under Endogenous Growth Theoretic Framework Dilip Dutta, David Kim
Howard (Haoyu) Zhang Three essays in economic theory Abhijit Sengupta

Recent Graduates

First Name Last Name Thesis Topic/Title Supervisor PhD conferred
Yury Andrienko Economic causes and consequences of migration on micro level Russell Ross 2011
Kozo Otsuka Scientific research and research collaboration in knowledge production: enhancing innovative capacity Dilip Dutta 2011
Min Hua Zhao An Empirical Analysis of the Home Ownership and Investment Property Purchase Decision in Australia Stephen Whelan 2010
Michelle Cunich The Training and Workload of Nurses: Consequences for the Retention of Registered Nurses Working in New South Wales Russell Ross 2009
Supriyo De Intangible Capital, Productivity and Growth in the New Economy. An Analysis of the Indian Software Industry Dilip Dutta 2009
Benjamin Jarman Essays in Optimal Auction Design Abhijit Sengupta 2009
Astghik Mavisakalyan An Economic Analysis of Child Schooling in India Kunal Sengupta 2009
Itismita Mohanty An Economic Analysis of Child Schooling in India Anu Rammohan 2009
Alexandros Ragoussis The FDI Chain: From Host to Parent Donald Wright 2009
Leonidas Spiliopoulos Essays on Behavioural Game Theory: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Learning Kunal Sengupta 2008
Tesfaye Gebremedhin Essays on micro-econometric analysis of poverty in Ethiopia Stephen Whelan 2008
Mary Manning The Macroeconomic Pathology of HIV/AIDS in Africa Jeffrey Sheen 2008
Roland Bel Essays on the theory of the firm Murali Agastya 2007
Mohammad Mafizur Rahman Gravity Models of Bangladesh's Trade and Intra-SAARC Trade Prospects Dilip Dutta 2007
Cengiz Cihan An Empirical Analysis of Knowledge Production Function: What differs among the OECD countries including Turkey? Dilip Dutta 2006