Affiliates, Honorary and Emeritus Staff

First Name Last Name Position Major Research Field (JEL codes) Minor Research Field
Adrian Blundell-Wignall Adjunct Professor    
Colin Cameron Visiting Professor    
Tim Capon Research Affiliate    
John Cawley Visiting Professor    
Peter Groenewegen Emeritus Professor History of Economic Thought, Economic History History of economic thought, history of economics and public finance
Gordon Mills Honorary Professor Industrial Organization Economic regulation, retail pricing of goods and services, transport economics
Jonathan Newton Visiting Academic Microeconomics, Mathematical and Quantitative Methods Evolutionary Game Theory, Coalitional Behaviour, Social Learning & Networks, Strategic Information Transmission
Adrian Pagan Emeritus Professor Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
Michael Paton Honorary Senior Lecturer    
Alan Randall Honorary Professor Agricultural Economics   
Russell Ross Honorary Associate Professor    
Betsey Stevenson Visiting Associate Professor    
Justin Wolfers Visiting Professor    
Judy Yates Honorary Associate Professor Housing Economics