Visitors to the School of Economics in 2016





Daniel Kuehnle

University of Erlangan-Nuremberg

15 Feb - 24 Feb

Stefanie Schurer

Jocelyn Martel

ESSEC Business School

22 Feb - 9 March

Tim Fisher

Simon Burgess

Bristol University, UK

21 Feb - 12 March

Colm Harmon

Amy Sun

Queen's University, Canada

28 Feb - 30 June

Stella Huangfu

Isaac Mbiti

University of Virginia

7 March  - 9 March

Russell Toth

Nicholas Salamanca

University of Melbourne

17 March - 18 March

Deborah Cobb-Clark

Kjell Salvanes

Norwegian School of Economics

4 April - 11 April

Marian Vidal-Fernandez

Byoung-se Cho

Jagiellonian University, Poland

15 April - 23 April

David Kim

David Butler

Murdoch University

18 April - 21 April

Stephen Cheung

Yibai Yang

University of Nottingham Ningbo, China

4 July - 25 July

Dilip Dutta

Chiara Pastore

University of York, UK

4 July - 30 Sept

Stefanie Schurer and Agnieszka Tymula

John Cawley

Cornell University

11 July - 31 July

Colm Harmon

Daniel Hamermesh

University of Austin, Texas

1 Aug - 20 Sept

Colm Harmon

Franziska Tausch

Max Planck Institute

9 - 11 Aug / 10 Oct - 24 Nov

Agnieszka Tymula

Colin Cameron

University of California Davis

15 Aug - 16 Sept

Garry Barrett

Paul Makdissi

University of Ottawa

3 Oct - 14 Oct

Rami Tabri

Myra Yazbeck

University of Queensland

3 Oct - 14 Oct

Rami Tabri

Christina Gravert

University of Gothenburg

24 Oct - 22 Dec

Robert Slonim and Stephanie Heger

Orla Doyle

University College Dublin

3-23 Nov & 5-7 Dec

Colm Harmon

Craig Riddell

University of British Columbia

18-26 Nov

Garry Barrett

Visiting the School of Economics

The School of Economics receives many inquiries about the visiting academic (research academic) program. Regrettably, we are able to accept only a limited number of visiting academic researchers per year.

Before enquiring about a visit to the School of Economics, please read the following guidelines on affiliation, visas and HR Immigration criteria contained on the following links:

How Do I Apply?

  1. Applicants should contact a staff member who shares their research interests, to discuss collaborating on an Australian research project, their intended contribution to this project in terms of research activities, skills and background, and the preferred length of their visit (commencement and end dates for the visit to the University of Sydney, and to Australia).
    A list of academic staff and their research expertise and interests are available on the School of Economics website.
  2. The University of Sydney staff member will then approach the Head of School for initial approval, subject to availability.
  3. Once sponsorship is agreed, applicants will be contacted by the School Research Support Officer. Depending on the duration of visit, applicants will then be asked to complete relevant application and affiliation forms, and to provide supporting documentation.
  4. After providing your full application with supporting documentation to the Research Support Officer, the application will be submitted to the Head of School and the Dean for final approval by the faculty.