Visitors to the School of Economics in 2014





Jocelyn Martel

ESSEC Business School

Feb/March 2014

Tim Fisher

Simon Burgess

University of Bristol


Colm Harmon

Petr Sedlacek

University of Bonn

March- April

Aarti Singh

Paul Glimcher

NYU Centre for Neuroeconomics

June 10-14 2014

Agnieszka Tymula

Bettina Klaus

University of Lausanne, Switzerland

June/July –Sept 2014

Jonathan Newton

Melissa Tartari

University of Chicago

7-21 June 2014

Rebecca Edwards

Sergei Izmalkov

New Economic School, Moscow

 29 June - 9 Aug 2014

Oleksii Birulin

Tatiana Mikhailova

Russian Academy of National Economy

29 June - 9 Aug 2014

Oleksii Birulin

Colin Cameron

University of California, Davis

July 2014-Dec 2014

Garry Barrett

Stephen Billings

UNC (University of North Carolina) Charlotte

Sept-Oct 2014

Kevin Schnepel

Susana Iranzo

 Universitat Rovira Virgili, Spain

1 Sept 2013 – 31 Aug 2014


Nektarios Aslanidis

 Universitat Rovira Virgili, Spain

1 Sept 2013 – 31 Aug 2014



Visiting the School of Economics

The School of Economics receives many inquiries about the visiting academic (research academic) program. Regrettably, we are able to accept only a limited number of visiting academic researchers per year.

Before enquiring about a visit to the School of Economics, please read the following guidelines on affiliation, visas and HR Immigration criteria.

Types of Visits

Short Research Visits

Collaborative research periods of up to six weeks (cumulative) and total time in Australia of 3 calendar months or less.

Suitable for those wishing to undertake short-term collaborative research with a University of Sydney co-author or University of Sydney academic on a research project, or to present at a conference, workshop or seminar.

Generally, short-period visits, where no payment is made for services rendered, can be accommodated under the Visitor Visa - business visitor stream options. There are three visa options, listed on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website:

Please note: The citizenship of the affiliate will determine which visa subclass they are eligible to apply for and how they apply.

For official University of Sydney information on Visitor visa (Business Streams), visit:

Visiting Academic/Research Academic

Collaborative periods of between six weeks and 12 months

Suitable for those wishing to spend a longer period of time – i.e., a sabbatical – collaborating on research with a University of Sydney co-investigator, on a University of Sydney-based research project.

Collaborative periods longer than six weeks are accommodated under the Training and Research Visa Subclass 402 Research Stream (previously the Visiting Academic Visa Subclass 419).

  • For visiting academics (research academics) for periods of up to 12 months.
  • This visa is not available for overseas academics who wish to pursue their own personal research that does not have a connection to an Australian research project.
  • There are a number of restrictions regarding teaching under the Training and Research Visa Subclass 402 Research Stream.

From a visa point of view, you need to meet two basic requirements to be eligible for the Training and Research Visa Subclass 402 Research Stream:

  1. You are a professional academic / researcher with a significant record of achievement in your field.
  2. You must be collaborating on an Australian research project (collaborating with University of Sydney staff on a University of Sydney research project).

Restrictions: There are restrictions regarding teaching under the 402 Visa Research Stream. You may deliver seminars or guest lectures in relation to the Australian research project, on an informal basis (provided it is not the main purpose of stay, not part of a course syllabus and remains incidental to your research). You are not allowed to lecture or teach on a regular basis or as part of a course syllabus, nor may you give seminars or guest lectures on your personal research.

Applications to be appointed as a visiting academic may be lodged at any time of year. The period of notice prior to the intended visit required by the faculty will normally be six months. The term for visiting academics will be up to but not exceeding 12 months except in exceptional situations.

For official University of Sydney information on Research and Training (subclass 402 visa – Research stream), visit:

How Do I Apply?

  1. Applicants should contact a staff member who shares their research interests, to discuss collaborating on an Australian research project, their intended contribution to this project in terms of research activities, skills and background, and the preferred length of their visit (commencement and end dates for the visit to the University of Sydney, and to Australia).
    A list of academic staff and their research expertise and interests are available on the School of Economics website.
  2. The University of Sydney staff member will then approach the Head of School for initial approval, subject to availability.
  3. Once sponsorship is agreed, applicants will be contacted by the School Research Support Officer. Depending on the duration of visit, applicants will then be asked to complete relevant application and affiliation forms, and to provide supporting documentation.
  4. After providing your full application with supporting documentation to the Research Support Officer, the application will be submitted to the Head of School and the Dean for final approval by the faculty.

It will be to the advantage of applicants if they can show that as a result of their term as a visiting academic / research academic they will publish or jointly publish with a faculty member original research that acknowledges their affiliation with the School of Economics. Hence the applicant must show that they are collaborating with Faculty / University of Sydney staff on an Australian / University of Sydney research project.

The School of Economics provides no financial assistance to visiting academics. Visiting academics/research academics need to have made provision for their travel, accommodation, sustenance and incidental costs while in Sydney.

The 402 Visa Research Stream prohibits you from working whilst you are located in Australia]. You may bring your immediate family with you (partner and children) provided you can meet their expenses whilst they are located in Australia. Your partner is eligible to work whilst in Australia.

Information on the cost of living in Sydney cost of living in Sydney can be found on the University website. Applicants are strongly advised to make their own independent enquiries about living costs.