Prizes and Scholarships

The School of Economics offer a number of prizes and scholarships for students who have excelled in both undergraduate and postgraduate study. Over $20,000 is awarded annually on the basis of outstanding performance in their completed unit(s) of study.

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School of Economics Prizes and Scholarships

Award Name

Terms of Prize

Frank Albert Prize for First Year Economics

For greatest proficiency in the annual exams for 1st year. Established in 1958.

Frank Albert Prize for Second Year Economics

For greatest proficiency in the annual exams for 2nd year. Established in 1958.

Frank Albert Prize for Third Year Economics

For greatest proficiency in the annual exams for 3rd year. Established in 1958.

Donald George Crew Memorial Prize for Economics III

For the student who demonstrates the greatest proficiency in 3rd year Economics.

Geoffrey Dale Prize for Third Year in the Faculty of Economics and Business

Prize awarded to a student enrolled in Economics for proficiency at the annual examination in third year of degree. Established in 1968.

Economic Research Society's Prize for Economics I

Awarded to the student for the degree of Bachelor of Economics who most distinguishes themself at the first year examination. Established in 1924.

Evening Students' Association Prize for Economics III

Proficient in Economics III (Available only to part-time students).

Joye Prize in Economics

Awarded annually to the student enrolled in Economics IV Honours who demonstrates the greatest proficiency.

Walter Noel Gillies Prize for Best PhD Thesis in Economics

For meritorious PhD thesis in the  School of Economics during the 12 months preceding the award. Established in 1983.

Michael Casper Blad Memorial Prize for Economic Theory

For most proficiency in the compulsory theory segment of Economics III Honours.

Arthur Oakes Memorial Prize for History of Economic Thought

Awarded to the student with the best results in the annual examination in the History of Economic Thought.

Randolph G Rouse Prize in Economics

For the best performance in 4th year Honours.

Wiley Prize for First Year Microeconomics

For highest mark overall in Introductory Microeconomics (ECON 1001), based on coursework, examination results and the recommendation of the Unit of Study Coordinator.

Mary Beddie Scholarship in Economics for Women Students

For best overall academic performance, on exam results and recommendation of chair, by a woman candidate in the Unit of Study Managerial Firms: Evolution & Attributes (ECOS 2306), including Economic Evolution and Industrial History content. Established in 1959.

GS Caird Scholarship in Economics II

Awarded to the student who, on passing the second-year examination, shows the greatest proficiency in the subject of Economics.

Dr Mary Booth Scholarship for Proficiency in First and Second Year by a Woman Candidate

For greatest proficiency by female student in 1st and 2nd year Economics, on the recommendation of Dean. The scholarship is tenable in the third and fourth year of the degree. Established in 1961.

Commonwealth Bank Undergraduate Scholarship in Economics

For proficiency in 3rd year honours course in Economics. Established in 1951.

Kelvin Dodge Scholarship

For best overall academic performance in 2nd year pre-honours Economics units proceeding to 3rd year pre-honours Economics.

Emily McWhinney Memorial Prize in Economics

For the best overall performance in Public Finance or Economic Theory.