Units of Study

ECOS3003 - Hierarchies, Incentives & Firm Structure

Semester 1, 2013  |  Credit Points: 6

Coordinator: Andrew Wait


This unit deals with the coordination and motivation problems faced by firms. More specifically this unit examines: whether firms use price or command mechanisms to allocate resources within firms; the problems associated with designing incentive contracts; the principles of efficient contract design and; the real world applications of those principles. The final section deals with the manner in which the coordination and motivation problems faced by firms determines their financial, vertical and horizontal structure.


group assignment (25%), mid-semester test (20%) and 2hr final exam (55%)


1x2-hr lecture/week, 1x1-hr tutorial/fortnight


Either (ECOS2001 or ECON2001) or (ECOS2901 or ECON2901)


ECON3003, ECOS2306

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