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Four eminent contemporary Australian playwrights and screenwriters will each present two-hour sessions.

Stephen Sewell, the ground-breaking playwright, leaped to fame as a screenwriter as well with his adaptation of The Boys from Gordon Graham's internationally-produced play of the same name.

Please read beforehand the screenplay by Sewell and the stage play by Gordon Graham Both plays are in the co-op bookshop.
Also view:
The Boys (on DVD)
Frost/Nixon, dir Howard, 2008 (screenplay Peter Morgan)
Quai des Orfevres, dir Henri Georges Cluzot, 1947 (screenplay Henri Georges Cluzot,
Stanilas-Andre Steeman, Jean Ferry).
L'avventura, dir Antonioni, 1960 (screenplay Antonioni, Elio Bartolini, Tonino Guerra).
His dates: August 2,9,16 August.

Ian David, one of Australia's most highly respected TV writers (recently winning an award for the courage and brilliance of his writing for performance) is the mind behind Blue Murder, Joh's Jury, Police State, and the adaptation of Robert Drew's The Shark Ne'. Watch his films- and watch this space for what he's going to highlight in his talks. Ian David also teaches Screenwriting in for Sydney University's Creative Writing unit.
His dates: 23, 30 August, 6 September.

Louis Nowra, who has written for US film producers as well as Australian, will give his perspective on the creative dilemmas of the screenplay, emphasizing his Cosi, Map of the Human Heart, K-19: The Widowmakers and the Hollywood film, Beverley Hills Chihuahua, dir Raja Gosnell 2008. (screenplay Analisa Bianco, Jeffrey Bushell.
Please view all films before the lectures.
His dates: 13, 20 September and 4 October.

Nicholas Parsons is a revered playwright, script-editor and writer of the Australian classic Dead Heart. Watch this space for what he's going to highlight in his two sessions.
His dates: 11 and 18 October.

Katherine Thomson will honour us with one session , the last in this series. Katherine Thomson is a very admired playwright ( for such works as Diving for Pearls, A Change in the Weather, King Tide) and award-winning TV screenwriter, for such series as Wildside, G.P. and Halifax F.P'. Watch this space to see what she's going to highlight in her talks.
Her date: 25 October

Past Events

Dr Sue Woolfe featured on ABC

Dr Sue Woolfe of the Department's Creative Writing program was recently featured on the ABC's Talking Heads show. The interview and transcript can be viewed from the Talking Heads website.

Drawing Out Shakespeare Conference

ANZSA, 17-19 June 2010
Click here for further details.

Historic event

Emeritus Professor Dame Leonie Kramer, Professor of Australian Literature (1968- 1990) and Chancellor of the University (1991-2001), received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters at the University of Sydney graduation ceremony on Wednesday 8 April 2009.

To celebrate this special occasion the English department, which Dame Leonie served for so many years with great distinction, hosted an afternoon tea in her honour.

All four Professors of Australian Literature (Professor G.A. Wilkes, Professor Kramer, Professor Elizabeth Webby, and Professor Robert Dixon) were together at this event and Professor Dixon, the current professor, gave a short address as a tribute to Dame Leonie. Family members, current and past members of staff and postgraduate students also attended.

Sydney's the leading academy for humanities

Kate Grenville, an Honorary Associate and Writer in Residence in the Department of English at the University of Sydney, was named an Honorary Fellow. Full story

Premier's Prize for William Christie

William Christie has won the NSW Premier's Prize for Literary Scholarship for his biography of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the British Romantic poet, philosopher and political thinker. Full story