Student Information


The Department of English uses the following marking system:

Mark Grade Standard of work
85-100 High Distinction work of an exceptional standard
75-84 Distinction work of a superior standard
65-74 Credit competent work
50-64 Pass satisfactory work

For further information see the Guide to the Interpretation of Grades, available on the Department’s homepage.

Queries about marks for individual assessments should be directed, in the first instance, to the coordinator of the unit of study, and after that, if necessary, to the English Postgraduate Coordinator (Coursework). Enquiries about final results may be directed to the Director of Postgraduate Studies (Coursework).

Essays for Postgraduate Coursework Units of Study

Due dates
Dates for essays and assignments are set by the coordinators of the individual units of study or as arranged with the supervisor in the case of the supervised project units.

Submission of essays
Essays and assignments must be submitted to the relevant assignment drop box in the open noticeboard area on Level 3 of the John Woolley Building. Cover sheets for postgraduate units are available from the shelves in this area.

Notes on the presentation and documentation of essays can be found on the undergraduate pages of this website.

Student Appeals

The Academic Board’s procedures for student appeals against academic decisions are available for consultation at the Department’s General Office.


Students may apply to transfer from one coursework program to another within the same area (e.g. Graduate Diploma in Arts (English) to Master of Arts (English) or vice versa and may apply for units of study already completed to be credited towards the new program.

Students who wish to transfer, for example, from English to Creative Writing must apply for entry to the new degree. Once accepted into the new degree they may then apply for units already completed to be credited.

Variations of Candidature

Candidates may change attendance status from full-time to part-time and vice versa, take semester length periods of suspension of candidature, and apply for admission to another coursework award, but no concurrent enrolment is permitted. Application must be made in writing or using the forms available from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences office (or download from the website).

After consultation with the Coordinator of the Postgraduate Studies (Coursework) students may transfer from one course to another during their candidature, if courses are articulated. E.g. from MA (English) to Grad Dip (English), or vice versa. Application must be made through the Faculty office (forms can be downloaded here).
For current By-Laws and Faculty of Arts Resolutions governing postgraduate awards see the University of Sydney Calendar and the Faculty of Arts Postgraduate Handbook.


Students who need to relocate interstate or overseas during their candidature may take postgraduate units offered by other tertiary institutions in Australia or overseas as ‘exchange’ units (up to four units of study).
Applications must be made through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences office.

Induction Programs

Incoming postgraduate students are welcomed to the University by the Dean of Graduate Studies. Students will be advised of the details regarding the Welcome/Induction Programs during the enrolment period and it is strongly recommended that you make every effort to attend. Information on these events can also be found on the University and Faculty homepage in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the semester.