Submission of written work

Written work must be submitted in the assignment drop boxes in the central noticeboard area in the Woolley Building by 5pm on the due date. The essay boxes are cleared at 5pm on the due date and any submissions after that time will be deemed ‘late’. The General Office staff keep a register of all work received and the date on which it was lodged.

Please do not put written work under lecturers’ or tutors’ doors. If you do so, you risk a late penalty.

The Department does not accept written work by fax or email (unless email is an express requirement in a unit of study). The Department may accept written work by registered mail, by prior arrangement with the unit of study coordinator. The submission must be postmarked no later than the due date for the assessment task.

Cover Sheets: A cover sheet must be completed and attached to all written work. Cover sheets are available from the shelves in the central noticeboard area in the Woolley Building. They can also be downloaded from the School's Student Resources page.

Copies of your written work: Students are required to keep a copy of their work for their own records.

Format of your written work: Written work must be typed in a clear font and at least 12 pt, with at least 1.5 spacing, or legibly hand-written. Please leave wide margins for markers’ comments.

Collecting your marked work: Written work is usually returned in tutorials or seminars. In some circumstances written work may be collected from the General Office. If you wish your work to be posted to your mailing address you should provide a stamped addressed envelope. Please note that marks for written work (essays, assignments or exams) will not be given over the phone.

Examination Dates

All students are required to attend examinations on the date allocated by the Examinations Section. Students who are unable to attend because of an examination timetable clash must consult the Student Centre. If you are unable to attend because of the other exceptional circumstances you should consult the coordinator of the unit of study AT LEAST ONE WEEK before the beginning of the official examination period. Information can also be found at the Faculty's Special Consideration page. The coordinator may make alternative arrangements. Students sitting examinations on alternative dates, prior to the timetabled examination, are required to sign a statutory declaration that they will not disclose the contents of the paper.

If you miss an exam
If you miss an exam for any reason please contact your unit of study coordinator as soon as you can so that appropriate alternatives can be arranged.


The Department of English uses the following marking system:

85-100 High Distinction: work of an exceptional standard
75-84 Distinction: work of a superior standard
65-74 Credit: competent work
50-64 Pass: satisfactory work

For further information, see Interpretation of Grades.

Queries about marks for individual assessments should be directed to the coordinator of the unit of study, and after that, if necessary, to the Chair of Department. Enquiries about final results in a unit of study should be directed to coordinator of the unit of study, and after that, if necessary, to the Chair of Department.