The First Year Postgraduate Research Seminars

In the first year of candidature you are required to attend the First Year Postgraduate Research Seminars held on Tuesday nights between 5pm and 7pm in the Rogers Room (Woolley Building, Room N397). In first semester these seminars cover various practical, methodological and critical aspects of academic research and postgraduate life. In second semester, you are required to give a 20-minute paper to the seminar in which you outline your research project and its progress or present a particular aspect of your project. Your supervisor will attend the seminar at which you present your paper, if possible, and you should consult her or him in the preparation of your paper.

The Advanced Postgraduate Research Seminars

After your first year, you are encouraged to attend a set of fortnightly postgraduate research seminars designed to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of information that is of particular relevance to researchers at the early stage of their careers. These seminars will be a mix of presentations; invited speakers leading discussion on topics relevant to postgraduates at the later stage of their career; and forums for workshopping material for publication. Topics will include thesis editing and revision; managing and participating in academic communities; writing, submitting, editing and publishing articles in refereed journals; writing book proposals and approaching publishers; life after the PhD (including postdoctoral proposals and applications); and so on. Attendance at these seminars is not compulsory, though because part of the motivation is to cover material relevant to everyone’s research and career we expect all our senior postgraduates to attend unless their research or career keeps them away. Early Career Researchers are also encouraged to attend.

The Departmental Research Seminars

The three sections of the department combine to hold a series of weekly seminars (currently Tuesday at 1pm in the Rogers Room, N397), at which papers are presented by staff, visiting academics, and research postgraduates. Topics range from work-in-progress to research topics of special interest and versions of papers presented or about to be presented at conferences.
The Departmental Research Seminars offer an excellent opportunity (i) to get to know other students and staff in the department and develop a greater sense of belonging to a lively academic community, as well as meeting the occasional visitor/contact-for-later; (ii) to become more aware of the range of research being carried out in the department; (iii) to be alerted to other matters or approaches which might prove useful to your own research. Postgraduates offering a paper will find this a friendly and constructive forum in which to ‘test the waters’ and receive feedback, as well as learning more about what is involved in a successful oral presentation resembling that of a conference. Any student interested in offering a paper may approach the coordinator directly, but is advised first to discuss it with their supervisor.