Current Research Students

  • Craig Billingham
    Siberian Twins and Other Stories (Creative Thesis with Exegesis)
  • Matthew Clarke
    Night Mail: Letter Writing and the Queer History of English Modernism
  • Evelyn Araluen Corr
    The Form and Function of Aboriginal Literatures Within and Without White Readership
  • Jennifer Crone
    'Dialogue with the great': Louise Glück and Poetic Tradition
  • Jonathan Dunk
    The New World: Exploration & the Production of the Modern Subject
  • Gabriella Edelstein
    Censorship, Collaboration, and the Construction of Authorship in Early Modern Theatre
  • Ben Eldridge
    Fiction, Science, & Discursive Power: Peter Watts' Functionally Generative Linguistic Paroxysms
  • Ryland Engels
    US Transcendentalism and the Southern Hemisphere
  • Sophie Frazer
    Distempered Visions: Images of Infinite Mourning in Victorian Fiction
  • Alix Gallagher
    Representation of the breath is unique in S.T. Coleridge’s work because, formulated by a confluence of scientific and literary influences, it preempts modern holistic sensibilities
  • Philippa Janu
    The Place of the Governess in the Nineteenth-Century Bildungsroman
  • Ryan Johnson
    Chinese, English, French, and Japanese Poetic Interactions in the Twentieth Century
  • Stephanie Last
    The Psychology of Villainy in the Victorian Novel
  • Dimi Lattas
    Henrys Demons: Fitting or Forcing into the Box?
  • Antoni Lee
    A Survey of Religious and Secular Apocalyptic Literary and Narrative Relationships
  • Mark Macrossan
    Beyond The Tropics
  • Grant Malfitano
    Adaptation - Stanley Kubrick, Auteur and Adapter
  • Caitlin Maling
    A Survey of Pastoral Poetry in Contemporary Australian and American Ecopoetics
  • Sam Matthews
    Modalities of 20th Century Realism: Christina Stead, Jean-Paul Sartre, John Dos Passos
  • Georgia Monaghan
    The 'Second Sex' and the City: Spectacle and The New Woman in New York City, 1880 - 1915 AND Dreamland: a novel
  • Dashiell Moore
    Relational Poetics
  • Oliver Moore
    A Multitude of Identities: Towards an American Political Poetics
  • Wyatt Moss-Wellington
    Humanist Narratology and the Suburban Ensemble Dramedy
  • Megan Nash
    The Gaze Veiled by Tears: Emoting Organs and Sentimental Literature
  • Jennifer Nicholson
    'Hamlet' at the Edge of English
  • Cheryl O’Byrne
    Daughters Writing Mothers in Contemporary Australian Auto/biography
  • Kathryn Parker
    Words and Music: A Study of the Cultural Significance of Ballad Singing in Elizabethan and Jacobean Comedy
  • Benedetto Passaretti
    Affect and Politics in the Last Four Novels of Christina Stead
  • Mykaela Saunders
    Decolonising the Post-Apocalypse: Envisioning a World of First Nations Sovereignty through Koori-futurism
  • Maria (Mia) Tsikrikas
    Santlow and Haywood: Ballet and Literature in the Eighteenth Century World
  • Kelly Wan
    Hearing Woolf's Novels: from The Voyage Out to Between the Acts
  • Blythe Worthy
    The Lake in the Frame: Abjection, Sensuality and Feminism in Jane Campion's Miniseries 1990-2017