Research Supervision

Your Supervisor

Your supervisor is that member of the English Department appointed during the application process to take primary responsibility for your candidature. You should contact your supervisor on a regular basis throughout your candidature. In the case of a full-time candidature, contact should include formal meetings of around one hour every two to four weeks during the calendar year as agreed with your supervisor. In the case of part-time students, meetings can be less frequent and at intervals of around four to six weeks during the calendar year. Other types of contact (eg. by phone and email may supplement or, where circumstances require, substitute for face to face meetings).

Feedback on Written Work

When you submit written work, your supervisor should normally give formal feedback within three weeks of receipt of the material (for both full- and part-time students). The timing of the feedback meeting is at the discretion of those involved, but should not be delayed beyond three weeks unless exceptional circumstances understood by both parties arise.

Your Associate Supervisor

An associate supervisor will also be appointed by the department. The associate supervisor will remain in informal contact with you and take over as acting supervisor if your supervisor is on leave at any time during your candidature. The amount of contact you have with the associate supervisor will differ in each case, depending on the agreed function she or he is to perform. This should be discussed at the commencement of the candidature so that the roles of supervisor and associate supervisor are clearly understood by all parties. The ultimate responsibility for supervision rests with your supervisor.

The English Postgraduate Coordinator (Research)

At any time during your candidature you should contact the English Postgraduate Coordinator (Research) for advice on administrative or confidential matters, indeed any matters that cannot be dealt with by your supervisor or associate supervisor. Forms requiring 'Chair of Department' or 'Head of School' signature must be signed by the English Postgraduate Co-ordinator.

Progress Reports and Departmental Interviews

Towards the end of every year of your candidature, you will be required (1) to complete the Annual Review Report sent out in September by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; (2) to write a separate, A4 page report for the Department; and (3) to attend a 20-minute interview conducted by two members of the academic staff of the Department other than your supervisor.

The purpose of the interview is to review your progress and your candidature in general. lt offers both you and the Department an opportunity to address, in confidence, any problems or concerns, and to consider the year ahead. For those candidates on an APA or UPA scholarship, the interview also allows us to authorise the continuation of your scholarship, and if you commenced candidature the previous February or March the interview is part of the process through which your progress during the period of probation is assessed.