Student Support

Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (SUPRA)

Postgraduates automatically become members of SUPRA (Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association) when they enrol. SUPRA is governed by a council of postgraduate representatives who are elected by the postgraduate student body at SUPRA’s Annual General Meeting every year. SUPRA is concerned with the representation of postgraduate students on all levels of University policy making and administration. SUPRA maintains active links with the Senate, Academic Board, Vice-Chancellor, School, Department, Faculty and College Heads, as well as other student and academic organisations. SUPRA’s staff includes an Outreach Activities Officer, two Student Advisors, a Research Officer, a Publications Officer, an Executive Officer and a Bookkeeper. SUPRA offers postgraduate students advice on research and current issues in postgraduate education, advocacy in academic appeals and welfare problems, and advice on the binding, copying and production of theses. SUPRA also runs free practical skills workshops throughout the year.

SUPRA’s services (located at Building G10, Raglan St, Darlington Campus) include the use of PC and Apple Macintosh computers, a Laser Writer, a Scanner, and a submission-quality very fast photocopier. Charges apply for the use of photocopier and printer, but these are kept to a minimum that covers the cost of paper and chemicals. SUPRA stocks supplies of the acid free paper required for the final copy of all theses to be deposited in Fisher Library. SUPRA also produces various useful publications that are free to all SUPRA members, including The Thesis Guide and The Postgraduate Survival Manual.

For further information please see the SUPRA website or phone 9351 3715, email:

Postgraduate Notices and Pigeonholes

Any information relevant to postgraduates will be disseminated by email through the Postgraduate Co-ordinator (Research) and in the Woolley Mills (the ‘newsletter’ for the School of Letters, Art, and Media). The websites of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and the Department also contain essential information. There is a postgraduate noticeboard located on level three of the John Woolley Building containing occasional announcements on postgraduate matters, seminar programmes and the like. Postgraduate pigeonholes can be located in PGARC.

Electronic Mailing Lists

Electronic mailing lists are an excellent way of staying in touch with national and international scholarly communities, as well as finding out about events that are relevant to your research. An excellent source of information about conferences, seminars and master classes held within Australia is the RIHSS mailing list. The University of Pennsylvania collects and disseminates information about humanities conferences held all over the world, as well as details of book proposals and journals.

Other Resources and Services

The university offers a range of other resources and services including the Accommodation Service, Careers Centre, Casual Employment Service, Child Care, Counselling Service, Financial Assistance Office, Health Service and Learning Centre. For full details, please see the Services for Students website.