Creative writing and practice-led research

We offer the most research-focused creative writing program in Australia, built on our strong commitment to integrating creative writing and critical reading within the diverse and intellectually rigorous research environment of the English Department. In tandem, our creative writing and practice-led research emphasises real-world creative writing practices, investigation and making.

We welcome interdisciplinary, experimental or collaborative projects across different modes, genres and media, including those interested in diversity and social, political or cultural engagement. We offer outstanding mentoring and supervision in the following specializations: the novel; short stories; memoir/ life writing; travel writing; poetry and poetics; hybrid forms.

The research interests of our creative writing scholars include: early modern literature and culture; literature and cinema; postcolonial and transnational writing; Aboriginal literature, poetry and poetics; ecopoetics and ecocriticism; Australian literature, poetry and cultural history; poetry and popular culture; queer studies; feminist studies; experimental writing; ethnographic fiction; narratives of migration and exile.