As part of the activities of the Centre for Medieval Studies, Geraldine Barnes and Margaret Clunies Ross edit a series, Making the Middle Ages, which is published by Brepols publishers at Turnhout, Belgium. So far four volumes have been published in the series, and four further volumes are in active preparation.

Medievalism and the history of Medieval Studies is one of the main interests of the Centre for Medieval Studies, along with text editing and intercultural studies. In 2001 the Centre held a 1-day workshop on medieval and early modern travel writing and travel literature, which Barnes and Clunies Ross are in process of editing for publication as a book.

Professor Margaret Clunies Ross (history of Anglo-Saxon and Norse studies, the reception of Old Norse poetry after the Middle Ages; work of Edward Lye)

Recent and forthcoming publications
The Old Norse Poetic Translations of Thomas Percy. Making the Middle Ages 4. Turnhout: Brepols, 2001.
(with Craig Ronalds), 'Thureth: A Neglected Old English Poem and its History in Anglo-Saxon Scholarship', Notes and Queries 246:4, 359-70, 2001.
'An Anglo-Saxon runic coin and its adventures in Sweden', Anglo-Saxon England 32 (2003).
(with Amanda Collins) eds., The Correspondence of Edward Lye. Publications of the Dictionary of Old English, 6. Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies 2004.

Associate Professor Geraldine Barnes (the post-medieval history of the concept of Vinland and the Viking presence in America; William Dampier and post-medieval ideas of exploration)

Recent and forthcoming publications
Viking America. The First Millennium. Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2001.
(with Adrian Mitchell) 'Measuring the Marvellous: Science and the Exotic in William Dampier,' in Eighteenth-Century Life, ed. Robert Maccubbin (Duke University Press). 2002.
'The Norse Discovery of America and the American Discovery of Norse (1828-1892),' in Studies in Medievalism XI (Appropriating the Middle Ages: Scholarship, Politics, Fraud), eds. Tom Shippey and Martin Arnold (Cambridge: Boydell & Brewer 2001), 167-88.

Dr. Victor Hansen, Honorary Research Associate, recently completed a PhD (supervisor Clunies Ross) on the eighteenth-century ballad collector and translator Robert Jamieson; is now preparing an edition of Jamieson´┐Żs correspondence.

Ms Kim Selling, PhD graduate in Medieval Studies (thesis on fantasy literature, supervisor Carole Cusack, Religious Studies)

Ms Lilla Smee, PhD student in English (thesis on William Morris, supervisor Speed)