Middle English Studies


 Medieval Cultural Studies book cover A number of scholars in the department are involved in research in the area of Middle English Literature and Language.
Staff working in this area, Professor Geraldine Barnes, Dr Margaret Rogerson, and Dr Lawrence Warner, cover a range of topics including Chaucerian studies, Piers Plowman, Middle English Romance and legend, Middle English Exemplum, and Medieval Theatre.
Their research interest in Middle English also extends to 'medievalism', and they have recently contributed (2005) to a collection of essays that deals with this topic in the Australian context (Stephanie Trigg, ed., Medievalism and the Gothic in Australian Culture), and (2006) to another more widely based collection (Ruth Evans, Helen Fulton and David Matthews, eds. Medieval Cultural Studies: Essays in Honour of Stephen Knight).
Recent Graduates
  • Bryce Douglas-Baker
  • Stephanie Downes
  • Amelia Gledhill
  • Diana Jerrefies
  • Henry Peters
  • Joy Wilson
  • Helen Young