Middle English, Old English and Old Norse

The University of Sydney has an internationally-recognised grouping of medieval English and related literatures and languages. Most of our collaborative activities are organised through the reading groups and by direct contact with staff. If you considering postgraduate research or research collaboration, we would strongly encourage you to contact one of our current or honorary staff.

Reading Groups

All reading groups are open to beginners and experienced readers alike and meet either weekly or fortnightly.

Old English Reading Group (currently meets fortnightly on Mondays at 6pm; contact: Alex Jones)
Old Norse Reading Group (currently meets weekly on Thursdays at 12pm; contact: Kimberley Knight)
Middle English Reading Group


Daniel Anlezark (Assoc. Prof. specialising in Old English)
Kimberley Knight (Research Fellow specialising in Old Norse and medieval Latin)
Jan Shaw (Senior Lecturer, specialising in Middle English)
Dr Tarrin Wills (Lecturer, specialising in Old Norse)

Honorary and Emeriti

Emeritus Professor Geraldine Barnes (Old Norse, Middle English)
Emeritus Professor Margaret Clunies Ross (Old Norse, Old English)
Dr Rosemary Huisman (Old English)
Alex Jones (Old English)