The Department of English ranks among the best in the world. We offer a research environment that is unique within Australia in scope, quality and resources. Literary Studies at the University of Sydney was recognised as well above international standard in the most recent ERA exercise. Our staff work across the range of literary history and genre, national and global literatures, poetics and creative writing, film studies, literary theory and language studies, and studies in gender and sexuality. Academics and research students collaborate in research clusters and reading groups to form a diverse and vibrant intellectual community. The Department also engages in major, externally funded research projects and collaborative and cross-disciplinary ventures.

Areas of Research Expertise

We have a major commitment to literary history with world-leading research activity in Medieval and Early Modern Literature; 18th and 19th Century Literature; and Modern and Contemporary Literature.

National and global literatures comprise significant areas of established research strength and newly emerging strength for us. These include Australian and Aboriginal literature and culture, American literature and culture, British and Irish Literatures, and World Literatures.

We have important and diverse research investment in literary and cultural theory, textual editing and language studies with internationally leading researchers in these areas. Literary and cultural theories, studies in gender and sexuality, scholarly editing, poetry and poetics, drama, the novel, rhetoric, aesthetics, hermeneutics and semantics are just some of the focal areas here.

We have a deep and vital engagement in creative writing and practice-led research. Our award-winning writers enjoy national and international recognition.

Film Studies is an important, cross-disciplinary research strength with our staff contributing internationally influential research to diverse areas of film and TV studies.

More information about our research projects and achievements can be found on our staff research profiles. We welcome enquiries about postgraduate research and visiting research fellowships.