Postgraduate Prizes and Scholarships

Applications for scholarships

Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) / University Postgraduate Award (UPA)
When you apply for admission to a postgraduate research degree, you may also apply for an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) / University of Sydney Postgraduate Award (UPA). These awards are open to Australian and New Zealand citizens or permanent residents who have lived in Australia continuously for 12 months prior to application. Permanent residents of Australia or New Zealand citizens who do not satisfy the 12-month residency requirement can only apply for a UPA.

These awards are normally available only to full-time students, although part-time applicants may be successful if they can demonstrate care responsibilities or a medical condition that would preclude full-time research. The scholarships are granted for three years (PhD) and two years (MPhil; DArts).

Closing date: usually around the end of October for students beginning in February of the next academic year, and the end of May for those planning to commence in July at the beginning of the second semester. For further information and application forms, contact the Scholarships Office, phone: 8627 8450; or visit their webpage.

Note: DArts candidates are not eligible to apply for a scholarship in their first year of enrolment as this is deemed to be the coursework year for which funding is not available. DArts candidates do not pay coursework fees. Some funding may be available for DArts candidates through the English Department or the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Please consult the English Postgraduate Coordinator (Research).

Scholarships for international students

Some Endeavour IPRS (International Postgraduate Research Scholarships) are available. This competitive scholarship provides tuition fees and a living allowance to successful applicants. Further information and application forms can be obtained from the the International Office website.

Application for an Extension of an APA

PhD students on an APA may apply to the Scholarships Office for an extension of the scholarship for a period of up to six months. The application should state the scholarly reasons for the extension and should include a detailed timetable for completion of the thesis. This must be supported in writing by the supervisor and the English Postgraduate Co-ordinator (Research).

Additional Funding for Postgraduate Research candidates

Many research students undertake overseas or interstate travel for research and conference work during their candidature. Additional funds are available for these purposes as well as for the purchase of books, computer equipment, and other expenses. Please ensure that the Director of Postgraduate Studies (Research) has your correct email address so that you will receive information from the department about these and other important issues.

Be sure to check the conditions of eligibility, fill out forms correctly, obtain the signature of your supervisor and the Postgraduate Director, attach any necessary supplementary materials and submit your application in good time.

Rev. and Mrs F. W. A. Roberts Scholarship

This is a scholarship open to graduates holding the degree of Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney with first class honours in English or Australian Literature who enrol in a programme of advanced study leading to a higher research degree through the Department of English at the University of Sydney. At the discretion of a departmental selection committee, the scholarship may be awarded as a supplement to the APA or UPA of the highest ranked first year research postgraduate in the University of Sydney’s annual Award round. Additional scholarships may also be awarded after the annual interviews to a young scholar who has made excellent progress with his or her thesis and with other areas of scholarly endeavour.
The value of the Scholarship is $5000 per year for up to two years for Masters candidates or up to 3.5 years for doctorate candidates, subject to satisfactory progress.


Grants-in-Aid are available to PhD, DArts, and MPhil candidates. Applications are administered through the Scholarships Office and information is regularly presented on their website.

The closing date for these applications is normally late May.

A number of grants are specific to the English department:

  • Thomas Henry Coulson Scholarship
  • Thelma Gladys Herring Scholarship
  • H.L. Rogers Scholarship
  • Kathleen Margaret Karnaghan, F.A. Elgar and J.A. Waldock Scholarship.

Students in the English department have received varying amounts from these funds but the average Grant-in-Aid that can be expected is around $1,500.

Application forms are available from the Scholarships Office webpage.

Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS)

The Postgraduate Research Support Scheme (PRSS) is available to PhD, DArts, and MPhil candidates. Applications are administered through the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Office. This scheme provides additional funding for research expenses. Eligible candidates may apply for funding for expenses such as the following:

  • conference expenses (where the student is giving a paper)
  • visit to or use of specialist facilities
  • expenses relating to learning specialist techniques
  • purchase of items to assist with research
  • minor equipment
  • thesis expenses

There are normally two rounds for this scheme, one in each semester.

For detailed application information and requirements please see the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences PRSS webpage.

PhD Research Travel Grant Scheme

For information on this scheme, please refer to the Scholarships and Financial Assistance Page.