Department of English Academic Staff

  • Professor Daniel Anlezark
    Old English language and literature; medieval English literature; Anglo-Saxon manuscripts
  • Vanessa Berry
    Creative writing
  • Associate Professor Mark Byron
    Samuel Beckett; Ezra Pound; 20th century poetry and prose; modernism and medievalism; poetry and aesthetics East and West; modernism and editorial theory; textual criticism; history of the book; modern manuscript studies; theories of modern drama; literature and music; literature and the visual arts; philosophy and literature; hermeneutics; transnational and transcultural poetics
  • Dr Belinda Castles
    Place in fiction; Family memory in fiction, including traumatic histories; Craft aspects of writing; Contemporary Australian fiction; Sydney literature; Walking and writing
  • Dr Anthony Cordingley
    Modernism; Translation and Transnational Studies; Comparative Literature; Literature and Philosophy; Digital Humanities; Translators’ archives; Genetic criticism; Samuel Beckett
  • Professor Robert Dixon
    Australian literature and literary criticism; colonialism and its culture; Australian cultural studies; postcolonial studies; Australian art history, photography and early cinema
  • Professor John Frow
    Literary theory, including the theory of the novel; 20th century poetry; cultural studies; poststructuralist theory; the sociology of literature; actor-network theory; intellectual property law
  • Dr Bruce Gardiner
    Education and erudition (bibliography, quotation, citation, and plagiarism); literature and scripture (reading, reverie, and dreaming; surrealism, psychoanalysis, and phenomenology); poetry and poetics (medieval to contemporary); American literatures (including Meso-American, Native American, African American, and Caribbean); literature and royal courts, literary household, avant-gardes, and cities
  • Professor Paul Giles
    American literature and culture; theory and practice of transnationalism
  • Associate Professor Sarah Gleeson-White
    American regionalism; writers in Hollywood; Hollywood screenplay; William Faulkner; Southern studies
  • Dr Huw Griffiths
    16th and 17th century English literature and culture; Shakespearean drama; constructions of the early modern nation; sovereignty; restoration and 18th century adaptations of Shakespeare and other early modern dramatists; contemporary performances of Shakespeare plays; 20th century and contemporary British poetry; contemporary gay fiction
  • Dr Melissa Hardie
    19th and 20th century textual studies; cultural studies; critical theory; queer theory; theories of cultural difference; rhetoric; psychoanalysis
  • Dr Isabelle Hesse
    Postcolonial literature and theory; Palestinian and Israeli literature and film; the intersection between postcolonial and Jewish studies; the cultural memory of colonialism and the Holocaust in Europe
  • Associate Professor Rebecca Johinke
    Representations of gender and power in contemporary Australian literature and film; writing and ethics and the rhetorical context of writing and publishing, including magazine culture; plus broad-ranging interests in language, literature, rhetoric, film, and popular culture
  • Dr James Kane
    Old English language and literature; Middle English language and literature; Old Norse-Icelandic language and literature; Vernacular and Latin historiography in the Middle Ages; The history of the crusades in the Levant, Spain, southern France, the Baltic and other regions; Crusade terminology (c. 1095-1300); Medieval multilingualism
  • Associate Professor Peter Kirkpatrick
    Australian literature and cultural history; poetry and popular culture; poetry and poetics; modernity and modernism; creative writing
  • Dr Fiona Lee
    Decolonisation and the Cold War in Southeast Asia; postcolonial/world literature; 20th and 21st century literary studies; race/ethnicity; gender and queer studies; cultural studies
  • Associate Professor Kate Lilley
    Gender and genre; American and African-American poetry; 17th century literature, especially women's writing; elegy; feminist theory; queer theory; rhetoric
  • Dr Ashley Maher
    Modern and contemporary literature (primarily midcentury British fiction); architectural theory and history; visual culture; the environment; British political history; heritage studies; academic writing; the novel; utopianism and dystopianism
  • Professor Peter Marks
    Surveillance in literature and cinema; literature as social critique; relationships between literature and cinema as well as between literature and politics; periodical culture; utopias
  • Dr Peter Minter
    Aboriginal literature; Aboriginal poetry and poetics; Australian literature and poetry; rhetoric and aesthetics; ecopoetics and ecocriticism; Romanticism, modernism and countermodernism; creative writing
  • Dr Olivia Murphy
    Romanticism; the (very long) 18th and 19th century British novel and its history; women’s writing; gender and genre; Jane Austen; science/speculative fiction
  • Dr Nicola Parsons
    18th century literature and cultural history; theories and histories of reading; cultures of scandal and sociability; literary Jacobitism; literary history and historical fiction
  • Dr Nicholas Riemer
    History and philosophy of linguistics; modern English language, especially verb semantics; meaning in language (semantic description and theory, polysemy, semantic change); semiotic theory (the foundations of semiotics, semiotics and grammar); metaphor; language and subjectivity, especially the place of emotion in theories of language
  • Dr Brigid Rooney
    Australian literature and the representation of suburbia; Australian literary culture and the public sphere; contemporary Australian writers as public intellectuals; time, place and modernism in Australian literature; cultural theories of Pierre Bourdieu; contemporary Australian fiction
  • Professor Liam Semler
    Shakespeare pedagogy and the teaching and learning of literature at school and university; the classical inheritance in English renaissance literature; early modern women’s writing; early modern literature and the visual arts with particular reference to ‘mannerism’ and the ‘grotesque’ from 1500-1700
  • Dr Jan Shaw
    Middle English literature; women in medieval romance; cross-cultural exchange in the later middle ages
  • Professor Vanessa Smith
    Late 18th and 19th century literature and culture; postcolonial theory; literature and anthropology; Pacific history and literature; fiction and psychoanalytic theory
  • Dr Matthew Sussman
    British literature and culture, 1800-1914; philosophy of literature; style and rhetoric
  • Dr Beth Yahp
    Creative writing: fiction (novel, short story) and creative nonfiction (memoir, travel writing); postcolonial life writing and literature; narratives of migration; Malaysian history and politics/ political activism; creativity and writers/ writing processes; non-traditional approaches to research/ practice-led research processes