Miss Jessica Sun

BA Adv. Hons (Sydney)
Postgraduate Teaching Fellow
PhD Candidate

A20 - John Woolley Building
The University of Sydney

Biographical details

My doctoral thesis examines the imagery of metamorphosis and fragmentation in Baroque opera culture, from the early seventeenth to mid-eighteenth centuries. I'm particularly interested in how Baroque audiences imagined the relationship between the body and the voice, and how the spread of opera throughout Europe reflected each culture's engagement with antiquity and the classical artistic legacy. Also, my research centres upon opera's first superstars - Italian castrati singers - and the complex contemporary attitudes towards nature and artifice, and wholeness and fragmentation that their fame and reception unveils.

Research interests

  • Seventeenth and eighteenth century opera
  • The reception of Italian opera (and singers) in eighteenth century England
  • Pre-Enlightenment gender, medicine and anatomy
  • Classical receptions in the high Baroque
  • Renaissance and Baroque aesthetics
  • The intersection of music and literature more generally

Other interests include Greek and Jacobean tragedy, the poetry of John Donne, and historical crime fiction.

Reading Group:

  • The Long Eighteenth Century Reading Group

Teaching and supervision

  • ENGL2657: Reading Drama (Semester 1, 2016)

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