Dr Sonia Mycak

Dr Sonia Mycak

Research Fellow

Research groups

  • Postcolonial Writing

Current projects

  • The institutionalisation of literature and literary culture in Australia after the Second World War: Theorising the multicultural literary system.
  • Editor of Australasian Canadian Studies, refereed journal of the Association for Canadian Studies in Australia and New Zealand (ACSANZ).

Selected publications

  • “Multicultural literature.” Paper Empires: A History of the Book in Australia 1946-2005. Craig Munroe and Robyn Sheahan-Bright (eds). University of Queensland Press, 2006. 268-277.
  • “Beyond critical orthodoxy: Theorising multicultural literatures in Australia.” Beyond Good and Evil? Essays on the Literature and Culture of the Asia-Pacific Region. Dennis Haskell, Megan McKinlay and Pamina Rich (eds). University of Western Australia Press, 2005. 143-152.
  • “Demidenko/Darville: A Ukrainian-Australian point of view.” Who’s Who? Hoaxes, Imposture and Identity Crises in Australian Literature. Special issue of Australian Literary Studies. Maggie Nolan and Carrie Dawson (eds). Vol 21, No. 4, 2004. 111-133.
  • “Transculturality in Australian literature: Multicultural writing practices and communities.” Multiculturalism in Australian Literature. Special issue of Journal of Australasian Studies. No 1, 2004. 59-66.
  • “The role of networks in Australian multicultural literature: post-war ‘New Australians’ as an empirical case study.” Empirical Study of Literature. Special Issue of Sun Yat-sen Journal of Humanities. Steven Totosy de Zepetnek (ed). No. 17, Winter 2003. 19-30.
  • “A dual existence in a seemingly singular country.” Translated Lives: Autobiography Between Languages and Cultures. Special Issue of Mots Pluriels. Mary Besemeres and Maureen Perkins (eds). No. 23, March 2003. .
  • Canuke Literature: Critical Essays on Canadian Ukrainian Writing. New York: Nova Science, 2001.
  • (edited). I’m Ukrainian, Mate! New Australian Generation of Poets. Kyiv, Ukraine: Alternativy, 2000.
  • (co-edited with Chris Baker) Australian Mosaic: An Anthology of Multicultural Writing. Sydney: Heinemann, 1997.
  • In Search of the Split Subject: Psychoanalysis, Phenomenology, and the Novels of Margaret Atwood (Toronto: ECW Press, 1996).

Research Areas

  • History of the book
  • Multicultural literary production in Australia
  • Culturally and linguistically diverse writing communities
  • Canadian multicultural literature
  • The construction of national and cultural identities in multicultural societies