Dr Diane Speed

Dr Diane Speed

PhD Lond., MA Hons, MTh Hons
Honorary Research Associate

Research Groups

Selected publications

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  • 'The Saracens of King Horn', Speculum 65 (1990), 564-95.

Areas of teaching and research topics


  • Language and literature of medieval England 1100-1500, especially Chaucer, Gower, the Gawain-poet, Langland, Henryson, Dunbar, popular romances.
  • Intellectual and cultural contexts of medieval literature.
  • History, theory, and practice of scholarship.
  • The English Bible and biblical literature.
  • Medievalism, especially Tolkien.

Research Topics

  • Exemplum
  • Romance
  • The Charlemagne legend
  • The Trojan legend
  • Biblical literature
  • Literature and theology