Units of Study

ASLT4011 - Australian Literature Honours A

Semester 1, 2011  |  Credit Points: 12

Coordinator: Huw Daniel Griffiths


The Honours program in Australian Literature consists of:
1. a thesis written under the supervision of one or more members of academic staff
2. two seminars that meet weekly for two hours in semester one and two seminars that meet weekly for two hours in semester two, i.e. a total of four seminars during the year.

The thesis should be 15,000 words in length. Each seminar requires 6,000 words of written work or its equivalent. One of the March semester seminars is assessed, in part, through participation in the English department's honours conference.

The thesis is worth 40% of the final Honours mark and each of the four seminars is worth 15% (60% in total).

Seminars will be offered from the following list in 2011:

Australian Poetry and the Symbolistes (Associate Professor David Brooks)
Undisciplined Histories (Professor Robert Dixon)
Australian Classics (Professor Robert Dixon)
Reading Suburbia (Dr Brigid Rooney)
Medieval Languages 1: Old English (Dr Daniel Anlezark)
Medieval Languages 2: Old English (Dr Daniel Anlezark)
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Dr Lawrence Warner)
Language and Subject (Dr Nick Riemer)
History in English: Lyric, Epic, and Dramatic (Dr Bruce Gardiner)
Milton (Associate Professor Barry Spurr)
Early/Modern (Dr Kate Lilley)
Sentiment and Sensation (Dr Vanessa Smith)
Waterloo to Peterloo (Associate Professor William Christie)
American Gothic (Dr Melissa Hardie)
Reading Whiteness: Contemporary Literature and Film (Dr Victoria Burrows)
Movements in Modern and Contemporary Drama: Theory and Practice (Dr Mark Byron)

For more information, contact the Honours Coordinator Professor Robert Dixon.


1x15000wd thesis (40%) and 4x6000wd written work or its equivalent for each seminar (4x15%)


2x2-hr seminars/week for each semester


Credit average in 48 senior Australian Literature credit points (8 units of study), including the two special entry units ASLT3601 (or ASLT3901) and ASLT3602 (or ASLT3902). This may include up to 18 credit points of senior level English and/or Australian Studies.

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