Step 4: Credit and Prerequisite Applications

Applying for credit or a prerequsite waiver


I would like to seek credit for previous tertiary or university study

If you are expecting to receive credit for previous undergraduate study completed at this or another university you should still proceed through enrolment in order to confirm your position. This means when you enrol you will need to choose units of study as though credit has not been granted. For example; if you completed some junior History units of study at another university and expect to begin at senior level at Sydney, you should still enrol in junior History units. As soon as you enrol, submit your credit application and provided the credit is granted we can work with you to vary your enrolment to include any senior History units you now qualify for.

You can use our credit check tool to see if any of the units you have previously studied have been assessed by us before. Note that this site is an indication only and does not guarantee the granting of credit

When making an application for credit please note; there may be restrictions on what units can be credited to your new course, and the amount of credit that may be transferred. This will depend on the resolutions or rules of your new course so think about what you want to apply for and consider the following:

  • Does the credit I am applying for fit into my course or will I exceed the junior credit point limit?
  • Will there still be room in my course to complete any core units of study and pre requisites that are associated with my major(s) and the core units of study that I must do as part of my overall course?
  • Will I be able to take eight senior units of study in a subject area and meet the requirements for Honours?

When should I apply?

We strongly advise that you bring your completed application for credit form with you on enrolment day. If you are unsure of how to complete the form, help will be available for you at enrolment. If you are not able to submit an application for credit on enrolment day you will need to submit your application as soon as possible after enrolling and prior to the start of first semester so that we have time to assess your application properly.

If your credit application is successful and you receive credit we will contact you via your university email address about how to vary your enrolment.

All the information that you need for making your application can be found in the Student Administration Manual.

I am applying for credit for studies taken previously at The University of Sydney

Even if you have already completed Arts and Social Sciences units of study in this Faculty; we will not automatically transfer these units to your new course. Your new course will have new rules and sometimes not all of the units of study fit and sometimes students want to make new choices. You can hand in your completed Application for Credit form and receive further help and advice at enrolment day.

I want to waive prerequisites for the unit of study I wish to take

You can apply for a waiver if you think that you have already met the prerequisites for senior units of study and don’t need to enrol in the necessary junior units. This might happen because you have covered the material elsewhere. For instance you might have language skills which you have not completed in your formal studies as part of your HSC. In this case you will need to enrol in the unit of study that you would like to waive and then apply for the prerequisite waiver. Once the waiver has been approved by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences you will need to change your enrolment which will require you to withdraw from the unit and enrol in the new unit of study you wish to undertake. This is called a Variation of Enrolment and further information can be found under the Student Administration Manual on our website.

There are rules about waiving prerequisites and you will need to seek permission from the academic department that teaches the subject area.

In order to have prerequisites waived please read the rules listed under Student Administration on our website, complete the form and then seek permission from the relevant academic department.

Please note: The waiving of prerequisites will not be granted in instances where a student has taken and failed a required unit of study. This could lead to a student enrolling in a unit of study without the required level of assumed knowledge, putting the student at a disadvantage.