Step 6: Continue with Enrolment

You have now successfully read through all the information provided on this website which will assist you with your academic choices for enrolment. Please remember, you can always revisit this site should you wish to at any time.

You should now return to the Faculty’s New Enrolment web page to ensure you are fully prepared for enrolment.

Next step

You can save your Enrolment Planner as a PDF, or you can print it using the print button. Your enrolment day will be quicker and easier if you bring along your Enrolment Planner.

You will need Adobe Reader to print the Enrolment Planner, if you do not have this software, you can download it here:

If you can’t print or save the Enrolment Planner, you should write down your major(s) and unit of study choices on a piece of paper.

Finally, we are committed to making our web content accessible to all users. If you find any content on this website that is inaccessible, please contact us on + 61 (02) 9351 6673, or email us at: .

My Enrolment Planner disclaimer

It is important to note that the My Enrolment Planner tool does not check your choices against the course resolutions. For example, the Enrolment Planner has not checked that you have met any prerequisites required for you to enrol in a given unit of study. Please make sure you have read through the information provided on this site thoroughly so that you make the correct choices.

After you have enrolled

Once you have completed your enrolment, please remember that as a current student of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, you can visit our Current Students page for further information on Faculty support, policies and forms.

Please start with Step 1 and identify your degree.