Academic Staff

Director of the European Studies Program

  • Professor Peter Morgan
    literature and politics, world literature, literary theory, gay men’s literature, European intellectual and literary history, contemporary German literature and society, German classicism and romanticism.

Core Academic Staff

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences encourages a culture of collaboration in teaching and research and seeks to identify and develop areas of disciplinary strength across departments and programs. Staff listed as Core academic staff are those who teach core and elective units of study in the European Studies major.

  • Dr Avril Alba Roth Lecturer in Holocaust Studies and Jewish Civilisation
    Department of Hebrew, Biblical and Jewish Studies
    Holocaust history, memory, literature and representation; Museums and memorials; Modern Jewish history; Jewish theology/post-Holocaust theology.
  • Dr Giorgia Alù
    Department of Italian Studies
    Women’s writing, travel writing, relationship between writing and photography, photographic culture, cultural history of 19th-century Italy.
  • Professor Sahar Amer
    Department of Arabic Language and Cultures
    Franco-Arab relations; Muslims in Europe; Orientalism; Muslim women; medieval Muslim-Christian-Jewish exchanges; gender and sexuality studies.
  • Professor Martine Antle
    Department of French Studies
    Francophone colonialism and postcolonialism.
  • Dr Andrea Bandhauer
    Department of Germanic Studies
    European film, Austrian literature and culture, German-speaking.
  • Dr Francesco Borghesi
    Department of Italian Studies
    Renaissance philosophy; history of religious thought and moral philosophy, 1200-1800; textual criticism (philology, palaeography, manuscript studies and textual bibliography); historiography.
  • Dr Mark Byron
    Department of English
    European Modernism, Ezra Pound.
  • Dr Lynne Chester
    Department of Political Economy
    Energy and the environment, energy affordability, markets for goods and services previously provided direct by government, and the changing institutional architecture of capitalist economies.
  • Professor Will Christie
    Department of English
    Scottish Enlightenment, English romanticism.
  • Dr Anthony Dracopoulos
    Department of Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies
    20th century Greek lyric poetry, Modern Greek Literature, Greece in the European Imaginary.
  • Dr Marco Duranti
    Department of History
    20th-century Western European history, European integration, human rights.
  • Dr John Gagné
    Department of History
    European social history.
  • Dr Françoise Grauby
    Department of French
    French Literature, Romanticism, Popular Culture, Creative Processes and Creative Writing.
  • Associate Professor Nijmeh Hajjar
    Department of Arabic Language and Cultures
    20th century Arab intellectuals.
  • Professor Vrasidas Karalis
    Department of Modern Greek and Byzantine Studies
    European cinema, Orthodoxy and Greek culture.
  • Dr Mats Karlsson
    Department of Japanese Studies
    Swedish literature and culture, Scandinavian history and culture.
  • Dr Caroline Lipovsky
    Department of French Studies
    Impression management, language of the workplace, language and gender, Linguistic landscape.
  • Dr Diarmuid Maguire
    Department of Government and International Relations
    European politics in world affairs.
  • Dr Mark Melatos
    Department of Economics
    Economics of the European Union.
  • Dr Michelle Royer
    Department of French Studies
    European film, French literature and culture.
  • Associate Professor Antonia Rubino
    Department of Italian Studies
    European socio-linguistics and language policy.
  • Professor Glenda Sluga
    Department of History
    International History.
  • Dr Lucia Sorbera
    Department of Arabic Language and Cultures
    Political, cultural, and intellectual history of the Arab countries, Arabic literature, women and gender history.
  • Dr Anne L Walsh Chair of Department
    Department of Spanish & Latin American Studies
    Contemporary Narrative (Spain); Film Narrative; Translation; Memory Studies
  • Dr Sonia Wilson
    Department of French Studies
    Autobiography and novel.
  • Associate Professor Bronwyn Winter
    Department of French Studies
    Politics and political sociology of race, gender and sexual orientation; gender, sexual orientation and human rights; feminist theory, international relations and transnational feminism in "post-9/11" world, 20th century feminist and LGBT social movements; European institutions and the ‘others’ of Europe; European myth and legend, Post-World-War-II social movements, colonisation, decolonisation and the postcolonial world; contemporary cultural history; ideals and ideology of the French Republic; comparative literature and literary theory; Orientalism in literature and dance; post-colonial, feminist, lesbian and gay literature; literature, culture and politics; le grand siècle (17th century France).