25+ Mentoring Program*

While students starting University share common aspects of the the ‘first year experience’, their circumstances and reasons for studying may be different. For some students starting a new degree may be part of a career change plan or it could be a new opportunity to undertake a second degree to complement existing tertiary study, therefore their needs differ from that of a student who has just completed high-school.

Why we offer the 25+ Mentoring Program*

Following feedback from previous participants in the program, the increase in the number of participants over the last number of years and therefore a cross-section of ages and experiences; the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Mentoring Program now offers a different program format with the 25+ Mentoring Program* for students who are non-recent school leavers and are over the age of 25.

What the 25+ Mentoring Program* involves

The 25+ Mentoring Program* involves matching Mentors and Mentees in a similar age group and in previous years the organisation of a separate Welcome Day activity with a focus on matters addressing the different needs of non-recent school leavers.

What the * means

We think that being 25 and over can sometimes be a state of mind. You might be officially 25+ but prefer to be part of a group of recent school leavers. Or you could be 24, working full-time and in the process transitioning into University study for the first time so being part of a group of students who are in the same boat may be the best fit for you.

The * at the end basically means that it's completely up to you whether you opt in or opt out of this part of the program. We just want to make sure you’re getting the most out of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Mentoring Program.

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