The International Mentor Experience

The International Student Mentor Experience

The International Student Mentoring Program is a new initiative which has been created based on ideas and discussion with international student leaders currently involved in other Arts and Social Sciences extra-curricular programs.

We asked two of these international students leaders, Ayaka Ho and Idishta Nabi, on about their experience and what advice they would give other students.

"There is only one thing I can say," explained Ayaka, "being a student leader will change your university life. It is the best choice I have ever made as a first year student at the University of Sydney, as it has given me various skills, experiences and friendships I wouldn't have received otherwise. "

“I’m from Bangladesh," said Idishta. "Needless to say, Sydney is very different from Dhaka, the city that I grew up in. There’s always something going on in Sydney; it’s a city filled with energy."

"The best thing about studying at the University of Sydney has been the leadership opportunities that are open to me," Idishta continued. "I’ve particularly enjoyed being a Mentor, where I help first year students figure their way around the uni. Through becoming a Mentor, I realised how much I had grown and how helpful I could be to other students.”

"First of all, you will learn skills you need to succeed in the workplace, in your future and in your daily life," added Ayaka. "As a student leader I have development my problem solving skills, analytical skills, teamwork skills, leadership skills, adaptability, flexibility, and creativity.

"Second of all, you will get access to opportunities and experiences that only student leaders are able to have. Most of my close friends from university are student leaders, so you will also gain friendships!

"I was really nervous about applying in the beginning. But if you don't get out of your comfort zone and take the courage to experience something brand new, you are never going to grow as an individual.

"You are always working in a team and will get help and support more than you expected. You are never alone in this journey of being a student leader, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences staff are extremely supportive, helpful and friendly.

"Even if you make a mistake, it’s a stepping stone to self-improvement. Being a student leader has enabled me to improve as an individual, know my own strengths and know my potential."

Applications to become an International Mentor in 2018 have now closed.

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