Mentor Training Sessions

There will be two short training sessions to attend and some online training activities.

Training Session 1:

students group

At our first face-to-face training session you will find out about the program activities and key dates. You'll also learn more about the Mentor experience from some of our past mentors who will offer some words of wisdom, and share their experiences with you.

Overall you will:

  • learn some simple but effective skills that will help you to establish a good relationship with the first year students in your group;
  • develop your interpersonal and communications skills;
  • meet other senior students in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and
  • have a chance to join the Mentor Task Force

Training Session 2:

This training session takes place the Friday before O-Week, so it’s all about planning our Welcome Day activities. We’ll have a look at a few scenarios that you might encounter as a mentor, and come up with some ideas together about how you might deal with them. We'll also continue to discuss practical things such as how to access useful information about services and activities around campus, so that you're well prepared to help your first years. During this training you’ll be given a list of the first years that will be in your mentoring group, and (most crucial of all!) your awesome Mentor T-shirt. You'll also get the opportunity to work with the mentor(s) that you will be sharing a small group room with on Welcome Day.

Don't forget that there are also two online training activities for Mentors. You’ll hear more about these at our first training session in November.

Can't make one of the training sessions?

If it turns out to be absolutely impossible for you to come to one of our training sessions (because of illness or some other serious factor beyond your control), you may still be able to participate in the program in a supporting role. Let's hope the problem doesn't arise but, if it does, you must let us know by sending an email to and we'll discuss the possibilities.