What's the time commitment?


You’ll need to be able to commit about 20 hours to this program all together. This includes:

Participating in two training sessions:

  • an introduction session on mid-late November
  • a half-day session on the Friday before O-Week
  • Both training sessions will give you the knowledge and tools to help you in your role and plan your activities for your first year group. This includes a specially designed session delivered by a clinical psychologist in the areas of empathy and resilience building.

2. Completing two online training activities December and February

(3) Participating in our Mentor Welcome Day for incoming first year students on the Monday of O-Week, where you will first meet the students you will be mentoring)

(4) Meeting face-to-face with the students you are mentoring one more time during the 'official' O-Week period
(5) The Mentor Taskforce will be asked to join us for additional events and initiatives such as 'Campus at Dusk' session in Week 1, enrolment support.

(6) Keeping in touch with your first year students over the first few weeks of semester, and being available to respond if they contact you. It will be up to you and the first year students in your group to decide exactly how you’d like to stay in touch: through face2face meetings, by email, sms, Facebook, and Twitter etc

(7) Checking in to our on-line discussion board regularly and making contributions.

Mentor Taskforce

Some of you may like to get involved in some extra activities and help us to ensure that our program runs smoothly and successfully! We'd really love to have your help and input. Of course your involvement will be rewarded by an additional certificate at the end of the program (always handy for the job interviews!!).

Members of the Mentor Taskforce assist with welcoming first year students at advice days in January and February. Taskforce members also get together to lend a hand with practical activities e.g. setting up rooms for training sessions and Degree Forums, contributing material for our website and online discussion board, and assembling Mentor Training Packs in February and joining us for the 'Campus at Dusk' session in Week 1.

You’ll hear more about the Taskforce at the first training session, and we’ll have a sign-up site if you’d like to volunteer. Go for it!