Current Students

Anna Breckon
Queer cinema, feminism, affect and film, art-house, trash and political cinema.

Emma Clarke
High concept blockbusters, Hollywood industrial history, cultural industries, cultural and political economy, media sociology, myth and religion.

Annabelle Doherty
French cinema; heritage film; adaptations; auteur cinema; stardom; digital cinema; historical film; costume drama; corporeal effect and embodiment theory; filmic memory.

James Findlay
Australian cinema; cinematic representations of colonial society; television documentary; historical film studies; cinema and national identity.

Priyantha Fonseka
National cinema; auteurship in film and theatre; Sri Lankan cinema since 1983; South Asian cinema and theatre.

Olivia Hopkins
Adaptation; banned and controversial film; gothic; horror; literature and film; the US South.

Julie Lynch
Visual literacy; costume design on screen; film and design styles; creative partnerships between directors and designers.

Peter Mageros
Australian cinema; cinema and national identity.

Craig Morgan
Virtual instruments, screen- and film-music composition, electronically sampled sound.

Wyatt Moss-Wellington
Humanist cinema, ensemble dramedies, suburbia and family in film, American independent filmmaking, social realism, political romcoms, folksong and experimental songwriting, media studies, story ethics

Martin Silverton
History and the historical film; cinema as an archive; cinephilia; ‘the death of cinema’; Jean-Luc Godard; Histoire(s) du cinema; historical montage; Nietzsche’s “untimely”; Gilles Deleuze.

Kim Wilkins
American cinema; New Hollywood; American eccentrics.

Andreas Wong
American cinema; Art house cinema; David Lynch; Independent cinema; Literature and cinema.