Current Students

Anna Breckon
Queer cinema, feminism, affect and film, art-house, trash and political cinema.

Emma Clarke
High concept blockbusters, Hollywood industrial history, cultural industries, cultural and political economy, media sociology, myth and religion.

Annabelle Doherty
French cinema; heritage film; adaptations; auteur cinema; stardom; digital cinema; historical film; costume drama; corporeal effect and embodiment theory; filmic memory.

James Findlay
Australian cinema; cinematic representations of colonial society; television documentary; historical film studies; cinema and national identity.

Priyantha Fonseka
National cinema; auteurship in film and theatre; Sri Lankan cinema since 1983; South Asian cinema and theatre.

Julie Lynch
Visual literacy; costume design on screen; film and design styles; creative partnerships between directors and designers.

Peter Mageros
Australian cinema; cinema and national identity.

Wyatt Moss-Wellington
Humanist cinema, ensemble dramedies, suburbia and family in film, American independent filmmaking, social realism, political romcoms, folksong and experimental songwriting, media studies, story ethics

Olivia Oliver-Hopkins
Adaptation; banned and controversial film; gothic; horror; literature and film; the US South.

Martin Silverton
History and the historical film; cinema as an archive; cinephilia; ‘the death of cinema’; Jean-Luc Godard; Histoire(s) du cinema; historical montage; Nietzsche’s “untimely”; Gilles Deleuze.

Kim Wilkins
American cinema; New Hollywood; American eccentrics.

Andreas Wong
American cinema; Art house cinema; David Lynch; Independent cinema; Literature and cinema.