Student Profile

Emma Clarke


MA of Philosophy

Thesis Title

Boom, the Twenty-First-Century Superhero Film: The Output of Hollywood Industrialised Culture


Bruce Isaacs

Thesis Abstract

My thesis explores the proliferation of superhero films in the last decade. I utilise social theories such as Bourdieu’s habitus and field to investigate the needs superhero films fulfill for the Hollywood industry. Superhero films are the output of the history and habitus of Hollywood and the comic book industry. In the current Hollywood industry, superhero films are risk-managing strategies in a competitive global entertainment market and box office. In an era of convergence, converging technologies, converging culture and economy, industry and text are inseparable.

Professional and/or Community Engagement

2012 Guest Coordinator, Sydney Film Festival
In this position, I coordinated the attendance of directors, producers, cast at the festival and liaised with film journalists, and various Film and TV production/ distribution groups. I was also given the opportunity to introduce and host question sessions between filmmakers and audiences.
2011 Internship, Sydney Film Festival