Staff Research Interests

Dr Bruce Isaacs

  • Film Aesthetics: the legitimacy of ‘Film Style’
  • Realism and Spectacle
  • American Cinema: Classical Hollywood/Hollywood Renaissance (late 60s to Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, 1979) / Hollywood High Concept Cinema
  • Auteur Theory, Independence, New Aesthetic Sensibilities
  • Digital Cinema and Aesthetics: ‘Future Cinema’
  • Film Production Practice – with a focus on screenwriting as a literary and cinematic form

Current Research

  • I am in the process of developing a monograph-length work on digital cinema aesthetics and practices entitled ‘The Orientation of Future Cinema’.
  • Screenwriting and the ‘cinematicality’ of a literary form

Dr Laleen Jayamanne

  • Cross-cultural film criticism
  • Feminist film theory
  • Cinema of Kumar Shahani
  • Deleuzean film theory

Dr Richard Smith

  • "The Digital Apparatus" is a research project that will test a range of methodologies for thinking through the relation between technology and thought in film production, criticism and theory. It is particularly interested in the idealist-materialist tussle within general theories of film.
  • The Go Concept. Richard Smith is co-author of a documentary about sophistication. Seeking AFC O Strand funding of 20,000. Script submitted March 2005. AFC decides on successful applicants in May 2005.