Staff Publications

Dr Bruce Isaacs


  • Toward a New Film Aesthetic. New York: Continuum Press International, 2008.

Book Chapters & Journal Articles

  • ‘A Reification of Spectacle: The Orientation of Future Cinema’. In Matthew Kapell and Steven McVeigh (eds.), Blockbuster Auteur: Themes in the Cinema of James Cameron. McFarland Press – Contracted for publication, 2011.
  • ‘A Vision of a Time and Place: Spiritual Humanism and the Utopian Impulse”. In Matthew Kapell (ed.), Star Trek as Myth: Essays on Symbol and Archetype at the Final Frontier. Jefferson, NC and London: McFarland Press, 2010: 182-196.
  • ‘Screening Australia: Samson and Delilah’. Screen Education 54 (2009): 12-17.[Non-refereed]
  • ‘The Birth of a Nation’. Metro 161 (June 2009): 35-40.[Non-refereed]
  • ‘The Cinematic Real: Aesthetics and Spectacle’. Sydney Studies in English (October, 2007): 96-124.
  • ‘A Survey of Popular and Scholarly Receptions of the Star Wars Franchise’. In Matthew Kapell and John Shelton Lawrence (eds.), Finding the Force in the Star Wars Franchise. New York and Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2006.
  • ‘Non-Linear Narrative’. In Nicholas Rombes (ed.), New-Punk Cinema. Edinburgh: University of Edinburgh Press, 2005: 126-139.
  • [With Theodore Trost] ‘Story, Product, Franchise: Images of Postmodern Cinema’. In William Doty and Matthew Kapell (eds.). Jacking in to the Matrix Franchise: Cultural Reception and Interpretation. New York: Continuum Press International, 2004: 65-83.
  • ‘Popular Postmodernism: The Cultural Logic of The Matrix’. New Media Poetics 3 (May 2004).

Conference Papers & Presentations

  • Screenwriting: Modernist Impulses in a Cinematic Form’. Cinema, Modernity and Modernism: XVth Biennial Conference of the Film and History Association of Australia and New Zealand. Upcoming: Nov 30-Dec 3, 2010.
  • ‘Screening the Unconscious’. Annual Film Lecture, Sydney Jung Society. August, 2009 [Invited Lecture]
  • ‘Pure Film: Reconceptualising Cinematic Realism’. The XIIIth Biennial Conference of the Film and History Association, Melbourne, November 16-19, 2006.
  • ‘Image, Quotation and Cinematic Meaning: Mapping Ideology onto Images’. Eternal Sunshine of the Academic Mind: Symposium. University of Sydney, 2006.
  • ‘Popular Postmodernism: The Cultural Logic of The Matrix’. Critical Animals Conference, University of Newcastle. 2004.

Additional Writing

  • Lake Clarence. Feature length film script at 4th draft stage of development [2010]. Shortlisted for a Screen Australia screenwriting grant.
  • ‘The Sound of the Fury of Walter Wishwell’. New Writing 1.1 (2004): 38-43. [Short story]
  • The Land and Nightfall”. Nebula. March, 2005.[Poetry]
  • I have written several HSC Advanced study guides on Film, Film History and Critical Analysis, published by Five Senses Education

Dr Laleen Jayamanne

  • [Refereed Journal Articles]: "Pursuing Micromovements in Room 202", SIGNS, Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Chicago University, Special Issue on Recent Approaches to Film Feminisms, 30/1, Autumn 2004
  • [Refereed conference paper]: "Let's Miscegenate:Jackie Chan and his African American Connection", at the Symposium on "Transnational Imagination in Action Cinema". Lingnan University, Hong Kong January 2003.
  • [On-line Journal]: "The Ornamentation of Nicole Kidman in Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut and Mita Vashisht" Senses of Cinema, 23, Nov-Dec, 2002, Special Issue on Women and Film.
  • [Books]: Towards Cinema and its Double: Cross-cultural Mimesis, 2001 Indiana University Press, US.
  • [Chapters in Books]: "Forty Acres and a Mule Filmworks" – DO THE RIGHT THING – "A Spike Lee joint": Blocking and Unblocking the Block, ed. Patricia Pisters,Micropolitics of Media Culture: Reading the Rhizomes of Deleuze and Guattari, 2001 Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam.
  • [Chapters in Books]: A Slapstick Time: mimetic convulsion, convulsive knowing," eds. Lesley Stern and George Kouvaros, Falling For You: Essays on Cinema and Performance, 1999 Power Publications, Sydney.
    [Chapters in Books]: "Stories within Stories" in Foreign Dialogues: Memories, Translations, Conversations,ed. Mary Zournazi,Pluto Press, 1998
  • [Edited Books]: The Filmmaker and the Prostitute: Dennis O'Rourke's The Good Woman of Bangkok, co-editor, 1997 Power Publications, Sydney.
  • [Catalogue Essays]:Above and Beyond One's Cultural Heritage: Jackie Chan and his Drunken Master, 1996 Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane.
    [Refereed journal Articles]: Passionate Anachronist a review of The Passion of Pier Paolo Pasolini, by Sam Rohdie, 1995 BFI and Indiana University Press, in UTS Review 2/2.
  • [Refereed Journal Articles]:Unthinking multiculturalism, a review of Unthinking Eurocentrism: Multiculturalism and the Media by Ella Shohat and Robert Stam, 1995 Routledge, in UTS Review 1/2.

Dr Richard Smith

  • [Review Essay] “Film Aesthetics” Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy submitted April 1 2005. Commissioned Piece.
  • [Book]"The Brain is the Milieu: Speed, Politics and the Cosmopolitan Screen."Theory and Event April 2004
  • [Review Essay]"Criticism without Myth" Australian Humanities Review Issue 31-32 April 2004.
  • [Book] "The Philosopher with Two Brains." Published in Film-Philosophy. Deleuze Special Issue. Vol 5 No 34 November 2001. pp249-270.