Current Staff List

Affiliated Academic Staff

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences encourages a culture of collaboration in teaching and research and seeks to identify and develop areas of disciplinary strength across departments and programs. Staff listed as Affiliates are those who do not presently teach into the Film Studies major but have strong research and/ or creative practice profiles in Film Studies.

James der Derian, Professor, Centre for International Security Studies
History, theory and production of documentary film; war films; the military-industrial-media-entertainment network

John Di Stefano, Associate Professor, Sydney College of the Arts
Cinematics and contemporary art; video art; experimental and avant-garde film; documentary theory and practice; essay film/video; queer cinema; transnational and accented cinemas; Pier Paolo Pasolini

Catherine Driscoll, Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies and Cultural Studies
“Teen film” and the cinema of adolescence; modernist avant-garde film; popular Hollywood genre film; film classification systems

Peter Hiscock, Professor, Archaeology
Representations of archaeologists and the ancient past in film, serials of the 1930s, pseudo-science in science-fiction films

Vrasidas Karalis, Professor ( Modern Greek)
European cinema, Greek cinema, Sergei Eisenstein, cinematic narratology, the theory of cinematic image

Meaghan Morris, Professor, Department of Gender Studies and Cultural Studies
Transnational film ecologies; action cinemas; post-World War Two Australian film and culture; Hong Kong cinema; historiography in film

Jane Park, Senior Lecturer, Department of Gender Studies and Cultural Studies
Race and ethnicity in US cinema; Korean cinema; Asian cinema; genre and gender; remakes, crossover and globalisation

Stefan Popescu, Associate Lecturer, Sydney College of the Arts
Writing, directing and editing; experimental film; digital visual effects; film program curation

Lee Wallace, Associate Professor, Department of Gender Studies and Cultural Studies
Cinema and sexuality; homosexuality and the Hollywood Production Code; cinema, narrative and style; cinema and long-form television; cinematic adaptation