Associated Academic Staff

  • Associated academic staff teach elective units of study in the Film Studies major.
  • Giorgia Alu, Lecturer, Italian
    Italian neorealist cinema; cinematic adaptation of Italian literary works; Luchino Visconti; Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • Andrea Bandhauer, Senior Lecturer, German
    Stardom; world cinema; literature and film
  • Keith Broadfoot, Senior Lecturer, Art History and Film Studies
    American cinema, Australian cinema, art cinema, theories of spectatorship
  • Anita Callaway, Lecturer, Art History and Film Studies
    Pre-cinematic spectacle
  • Kathy Cleland, Senior Lecturer, Media and Communications
    audience interaction and participation; digital aesthetics; posthuman performers
  • Charles Fairchild, Senior Lecturer, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
    Popular music; music and media; the globalisation of popular culture.
  • Sarah Gleeson-White, Senior Lecturer, Department of English
    Writers in Hollywood; William Faulkner's Hollywood career; early African American cinema
  • Melissa Hardie, Senior Lecturer, English
    Queer cinema; experimental and avant-garde film; documentary; television and cinema; modernism
  • Mats Karlsson, Senior Lecturer, Japanese
    Japanese film history; film and nationalism; film style; Akira Kurosawa; Kenji Mizoguchi; Yasujiro Ozu
  • Judith Keene, Associate Professor, History
    Classic and contemporary European cinema; war and cinema world-wide; and cinema as an enabling technology of history
  • Peter Kirkpatrick, Senior Lecturer, English
    Australian film, especially pre-1970s; Australian gothic
  • Kate Lilley, Associate Professor, English
    Cinema and sexuality; queer cinema; classic Hollywood; cinema and poetry; intermedia studies; cinema, feminism and psychoanalysis
  • Peter Marks, Associate Professor, English
    Literature and cinema; modern British cinema; Terry Gilliam; surveillance in cinema
  • Michelle Royer, Senior Lecturer, French
    French narrative cinema; French socio-political cinema; the films of Marguerite Duras; star studies; world cinema
  • John Tonkin, Lecturer, Media and Communications
    new media studies; interactive cinema
  • Eileen Walsh, Lecturer, Asian Studies
    Chinese film, especially fifth-generation film; cinema and nationalism; ethnic representation and film
  • James Wierzbicki, Senior Lecturer, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
    Film music/sound; science-fiction films; Alfred Hitchcock