Current Staff List

Associated Academic Staff

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences encourages a culture of collaboration in teaching and research and seeks to identify and develop areas of disciplinary strength across departments and programs. Staff listed as Associates are those who teach elective units of study in the Film Studies major.

Giorgia Alu, Lecturer, Italian
Italian neorealist cinema; cinematic adaptation of Italian literary works; Luchino Visconti; Pier Paolo Pasolini

Andrea Bandhauer, Senior Lecturer, German
Stardom; world cinema; literature and film

Keith Broadfoot, Senior Lecturer, Art History and Film Studies
Theories of spectatorship; Lacan and film

Anita Callaway, Lecturer, Art History and Film Studies
Pre-cinematic spectacle

Kathy Cleland, Senior Lecturer, Media and Communications
audience interaction and participation; digital aesthetics; posthuman performers

Charles Fairchild, Senior Lecturer, Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Popular music; music and media; the globalisation of popular culture.

Sarah Gleeson-White, Senior Lecturer, Department of English
Writers in Hollywood; William Faulkner's Hollywood career; early African American cinema

Peter Kirkpatrick, Senior Lecturer, English
Australian film, especially pre-1970s; Australian gothic

John Tonkin, Lecturer, Media and Communications
new media studies; interactive cinema

Eileen Walsh, Lecturer, Asian Studies
Chinese film, especially fifth-generation film; cinema and nationalism; ethnic representation and film