Dr Richard Smith

Dr Richard Smith

MA University of Queensland
PHD University of NSW

Phone: +61 2 9351 4208

Address: Room 307, A26 - R.C. Mills

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My principle area of research interest is the temporality and form of the cinematic image, the place of technology and thought in generic and formal change and the range of theories useful for considering these aspects of cinema. Within this principle area of research I engage with structuralist and poststructuralist accounts of meaning and its production, materialist and idealist accounts of cinematic technology, Bergsonian and Deleuzian concepts of time and evolution, phenomenological accounts of cinematic subjectivity. I am also interested in post Cold-War American and Hollywood cinema, particularly action-suspense genres such as the hi-jack, the heist, and the escape. I find these genres useful for thinking about the movements, procedures, and operations of capitalised and urbanised milieux.

Research Interests

  • "The Digital Apparatus" is a research project that will test a range of methodologies for thinking through the relation between technology and thought in film production, criticism and theory. It is particularly interested in the idealist-materialist tussle within general theories of film.
  • The Go Concept. Richard Smith is co-author of a documentary about sophistication.


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  • [Book] "The Philosopher with Two Brains." Published in Film-Philosophy. Deleuze Special Issue. Vol 5 No 34 November 2001. pp249-270.
  • [Review Essay]"Criticism without Myth" Australian Humanities Review Issue 31-32 April 2004.
  • [Review Essay] “Film Aesthetics” Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy submitted April 1 2005. Commissioned Piece.