Honours Program

Film Studies offers a research-based year of study through its Honours program. This is available to students who will continue on directly from qualifying for their undergraduate degree or to those who have already graduated and wish to return to their studies after a break.

Who is eligible to apply?

From 2018-2020, acceptance into the Honours program requires a major in Film Studies with an average of 70 percent or above.

From 2021, acceptance into the Honours program requires a major in Film Studies with an average of 70 percent or above and the completion of a second major.

How do I apply?

Prospective Honours students should make preliminary enquiries with the Honours Coordinator. This is not a formal enrolment and does not commit you to Honours should you change your mind; it is simply helpful for teaching staff to gain some sense of student numbers, and for students as a way of beginning to think about supervisors and thesis topics.

Click here for more information about honours and how to make an application.

Once you have enrolled with the Arts and Social Sciences Faculty, you must also come to the Department by mid-December. You will be asked to provide your details indicate your proposed thesis topic and supervisor. If you cannot attend during this time, you should contact the Honours Coordinator.

Can I do Honours part time?

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences requires all students to enrol initially in Honours as full time.
The program does not offer mid-year entry.


The Honours year comprises two semester-long units of study and a thesis of 18,000–20,000 words in length.

Seminar units
FILM4113 What is Cinema Studies
FILM4114 The Cinematic Experience

Honours Thesis units
FILM4111 Honours Thesis 1
FILM4112 Honours Thesis 2

Weighting of Honours Year Components
Honours in Film Studies requires 48 credit points including:
(i) 12 credit points of 4000-level Honours Seminar units
(ii) 36 credit points of 4000-level Honours Thesis units

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